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Jesus Sandals

Tree Frog

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My ds is in an Easter play and requires Jesus sandals, something like this, I think. The description on that site and on Amazon says they're unisex sandals sized in women's sizes, so the purchaser should order one size larger than he wears. The problem I'm running into is ds wears a size 14 shoe. If I need to order a size larger, I'm looking at a size 15, and I don't have any idea where to find such large sandals. Do any of you have suggestions?

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No. I don't. There are times I encourage them to take out books from various sections, but I don't require it.

Maybe that encouragement takes the form of "wow, look at these books on spies and codes and ciphers. You were asking yesterday about how to write in code". I'll find a section they would have interest in and show it to them.


We've never had an insane amount of twaddle-BUT if we do, I would also choose books for them. Often I can get them to read what I check out in addition to the titles they've checked out (or they realize their books are carp and mine are better choices. Not to say this happens a lot but it does sometimes.)


I think any leather sandal will do.  Can you find just a regular men's sandal, ideally leather but a TEVA-style strap would do, that he can wear in the summer when the play is over?  I would try a hiking store, or a sporting goods store, or somewhere that sells swimwear and beach-type stuff.  Or some sort of ethnic store of some kind.  Or head to Target or Payless and get a pair of knock-off Birkenstocks.  Or, if he's not a sandal kind of guy, perhaps a used pair from a thrift shop could be found for a cheaper price.  


I wouldn't choose a plastic sandal if I could help it, but I'm picky that way.  


This one goes to 13. 

This one isn't quite the right style, but it would do in a pinch and comes in 14. 

This one goes to 13. 

There are several pairs here that might do, though the price is a bit steep.


You could always make your own. - from leather, or cheapest yet from duct tape perhaps with a sheet of craft foam to make the sole.


(Duct tape shoe basics - trace around foot onto craft foam to make 4 soles - 2 for each foot.  Create straps from folded-onto-itself duct tape, stick strap ends to the bottom of one sole.  Glue other sole to bottom of first one, to cover the strap ends.  Done!  Google and YouTube offer many tutorials for various styles.)



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