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News about the 2016 Summer Series

Susan Wise Bauer

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Dear boardies,


with some reluctance, we have decided to delay our next summer series.


We have been working to develop the 2016 summer series into an even higher-quality online conference, with more speakers, a wider range of topics, and better technology (primarily, a system that will allow us to archive both video and audio of presentations, along with slides, for attendees who can’t make the live session). Although we’re making progress, I have realized that we need some additional time and staff to do a truly excellent job on our next conference. So I’ve made two executive decisions.


First, we’re holding off on our next online conference until 2017. We'll keep you posted.


Second, we’re using the existing infrastructure of the Well-Trained Mind Academy to offer parents fall and spring training, rather than summer workshops. For years, parents have been telling us how much they would like to tackle meaty academic subjects, both for their own self-improvement and to make them better teachers.


So the WTMA Dean, Julia Kaziewicz, is working with me to develop semester-long classes for parents that can lead to a certificate of achievement.  I’m planning to teach  a literature class; Dr. Kaziewicz will be teaching a history and culture seminar; and we have several other wonderful faculty members who will be offering other classes.


I'll be posting more details shortly! 



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gosh, that is exciting! 


I... um... don't supposed you would consider offering a creative writing course.... (I am not above using the Peace Hill Press creative writing series as an adult, it's very good)  I know it's not what you are prepared to offer at this time, but I figure there is no harm in putting it out there. My son's excellent experience with expository writing makes me think you have teachers who are highly qualified to teach it.


I know there are MOOCs but I have found them to be :zombie:   I am not sure what that emoticon means, but it's the closest I could find to expressing my MOOC experience.


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