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TV show "The Midwives"


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I found this on youtube yesterday, not sure if episodes are available elsewhere. It is a reality type show following midwives in the UK. Think Call the Midwife but modern and real. Home and hospital births are shown, but mostly hospital. 


I was struck by some of the difference from hospital birth here in the USA. Notably, our hospitals look "prettier" with our big one locally having marble counters in the bathroom, fancy food to order, etc, BUT....the hospitals in the show had better one on one care it looked like, and there was gas and air (which very very very few hospitals have here...there is ONE in Florida) and they allowed the women to give birth in the birthing tub! That is VERY rare here...a very few hospitals have tubs, but not the big soft kind and they don't generally allow you to birth in them, just labor in them.  I gotta tell you, I'd way rather have gas and air to suck on in a birthing tub than have pretty pictures on the walls!

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