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Looking for help on finding an 8th grade curriculum (history)

Guest MountainMomma40

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Guest MountainMomma40

First off I have been homeschooling our children since kindergarten. I have always used a boxed curriculum but next year I would like to go a different route. Can someone please help with what to choose? I was thinking of using the Hakim, History of U.S.. What do you think? And where do you get the supporting materials?



Also I will be homeschooling for High school so any way to prep for 9th grade would be fabulous! Also our son will be in 5th grade next year so anything I can do for both or use later would be fabulous.


Please help!!!

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Check out CLE's new 8th grade US history. You could read the chapters aloud (or have them popcorn read), and then the 8th grader could do it as written, while the 5th grader just narrates or discusses. Then they each could read extra library books on their own level.

I am doing it with DD10 and we are LOVING it, but there is definitely enough meat for 8th grade. DD needs me to read it with her and discuss, and she doesn't do all the light unit exercises. We also skip the quizzes and tests.

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Guest MountainMomma40

Thank you Empress Bee. I had a friend send me the link to the study guide page earlier. I am thinking that is the way I will be going.

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We have been very happy with our documentary-focused history studies. It is different, but it works well for us. Here is one I put together for the modern time period: http://eclectic-homeschool.com/documentary-based-modern-world-history-study/ My 6th and 8th graders are doing that one.

Wow! I've been looking for someone to put something like that together. What an amazing amount of work. I'm bookmarking this for a future date. My oldest is still a little on the young side for some of the graphic violence. Thanks for sharing!

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Welcome to the WTM board! (I see you are new by your post count ;) )


For general planning of History for middle school, it can be very helpful to look at what credits of History/Social Studies you will NEED/WANT to cover in high school, and work your way backwards. :)


For example, even if you live in a low-regulation state for homeschooling, you need to consider completing certain credits in order to be eligible for college admissions. Colleges usually like to see at least 2-3 credits of Social Studies, with 1 of those credits being a full year of American History. A number of colleges also like to see 1 credit of World History or Geography, AND/OR, 0.5 credit each of Government and Economics.


So, if the goal is to be at able to apply to college by the time the student finishes high school, then you will want to give serious thought to completing at least these credits in the Social Sciences area during high school:


1 credit = American History

1 credit = World History (and/or Geography)

0.5 credit = Government

0.5 credit = Economics


You don't have to do it these credits in a particular order, but traditionally, it is scheduled:

9th = World Geography OR World History

10th = more World History (or World Geog, or other Soc Sci: Psych, Sociology, Anthro, Philosophy, Pol Sci, etc.)

11th = American History

12th = Gov't and Econ


Now planning backwards to 8th grade, you may want to consider waiting a year on doing a US History (the Hakim's you suggested), in order to do US History in high school in order to check the box for that required credit. Knowing what credits you are likely to need/want to cover in high school lets you decide what area of History (or other Social Science) you feel is important to cover in 8th grade that won't otherwise get covered (example: state history; eastern hemisphere studies; philosophy or worldview; study of an ethnic group of special interest, history period of high interest to your student…).


OR, choose a topic and curricula that will help prepare your student for taking the Social Science credits in high school that may be required (examples: logic, cultural geography, comparative world religions, etc.).


OR, doing American History in 8th grade, if not planning on doing the high school credit of American History until 11th or 12th, can be a helpful prep if you are thinking of having your student take the AP (Advanced Placement) test for that subject later on in high school. :)



Side note: and while some credits from middle school do "count up" for high school credit, the Social Sciences, English/Literature, and Electives do not. Credits that typically do "count up" from middle school are: Math (Algebra 1 and up), Science (Biology and up), and Foreign Language (with student taking the next level up in high school).



I know that none of that suggests a curriculum for you, but hopefully that gives you a framework for deciding what topic you want/need to cover for 8th grade Social Sciences/History, which might make it easier to narrow down curriculum. :) BEST of luck, whatever you go with! :) Warmest regards, Lori D.

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Hewitt Homeschooling sells an inexpensive booklet that schedules History of US, and I think it has tests too if you want them.


Have you used this?  I just came across it.  It looks like a lot of work, but I like how everything is planned out.  I'm wondering if it might be too much for my 7th grader, though!  Just wondering what your experience was if you have used it.  Thanks!

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