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LoE Foundations: Cursive or Manuscript?


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I am preparing to order LoE Foundations A & B for my soon-to-be pre-k'er. I am having a difficult time deciding whether to order the cursive or manuscript font. I've read the benefits of beginning with cursive, but I also know that it doesn't work for every child. So, that being said, what criteria do I use to determine which would be best for my child? I don't even know what I'm supposed to be using to gauge which might be best for him. Any thoughts or tips?


FWIW, he'll be 4 1/2 when we begin the program in the fall, and he can currently print all capital letters, draw shapes, and likes to write. Thank you!

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If he likes to write and can already write all the letters in capitals, I'd say just go for the cursive!  If it doesn't work out, you can always skip the handwriting part of each lesson and come back to it when he's ready.  I used cursive for my daughter who was absolutely ready and she does a great job.  My 5 yr oldn(K next fall), however, isn't anywhere near ready to write cursive, so I'll have to start him in manuscript.  I'm buying the cursive books for him but planning to skip the cursive and just teaching him d'nealien on the side or through other work next fall.  


Hope this helps!  

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