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This is sort of a s/o to the 6th grade planning thread.  I'm torn on what to do for 6th grade science for my younger daughter.  Give her one more year of "easy" science - which would be MFW 1850-Modern (it looks like a lot of random experiments?) or start ramping things up a bit and doing Apologia Chemistry/Physics.


She will almost 100% do Apologia General Science in 7th grade.


I will also get her input.

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Ask her. My current 5th grader plans his own science. He loves hands on. So his plans are


Marine ROV - waiting for renovation/repair on complex before getting the PVC pipes he need


Playing with microscope and maybe buy a science forensic kit for him - nice for bad weather days.


Chem kit for him to do hands on in summer or early fall when I can leave windows open for ventilation.

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Personally if she was certainly starting the Wile Apologia books next year I'd be inclined to let her chose which science field she was interested in for this year. One of the more challenging Fulbright volumes still isn't on par with the Wile texts for volume of work and wouldn't necessarily make Wile more accessible.


I strongly encourage mine to pick whatever peaks their interest for 8th grade especially, since it's the last year before high school transcripts and necessary boxes to check began, but we don't do Apologia or any sort of science rotation. (DC #2 went with astronomy and architecture. DC #3 is going with high school biology to get it done early.)

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