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Writing for a student starting 4th grade in public school


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For various reasons, DS9 will most likely be going to public school in the fall. There are several public charters nearby we're researching. He's been homeschooled from the beginning and we've been doing WWE. We're about halfway through WWE3 but he hates it. He struggles with the long dictation passages. We tried a sample Arrow from Bravewriter and he enjoyed that because (1) he liked the book (2) we counted that for grammar and writing and (3) I dictated only short phrases instead of making him memorizing the whole thing. 


In view of all this, we're both ready for something different. (and hopefully, something that would help prepare him for public school writing). What would you do?

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Can you get examples of what the school is using?  Math, too.  The pacing/approach may be way different than what he is used to.



From the horror stories I hear around here from Public school parents I would really try to find out what the expectations are for his grade. I an continually blown away by the quantity of work these kids are producing. I have no knowledge of the quality, though.


That is a good idea, thanks. We aren't sure which school he will end up attending, but I can ask around. Maybe it will influence our decision :)





I will take a look at this, sounds like the price is right!

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We aren't sure which school he will end up attending, but I can ask around.

If it is a public school, you could see samples of writing pinned outside the classroom on boards after school hours. Our public school playgrounds are open to public outside of school hours.

Try to attend the open house too as you can peruse curriculum and students' portfolios.

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