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Gaming speeds/computer internet


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I am NOT a computer geek.  I love the internet and when my computers and internet all work well, I am happy.  When they don't, I can't fix it.


So, that said......I know nothing about gaming.

Our internet speed is quite fast, but my oldest complains about the speed.  He says that for gaming, the upload speeds need to be higher than what we have?  Is this accurate or is it is the server of the game that is the issue?


He has lags that cause him to lose the game or get logged off.  He gets very frustrated.  


Our internet speeds are typically between 65mbps and 100mbps.  Our upload speeds are around 7.  


How do you even get higher upload speeds?   Just buy even faster speeds?

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Your upload especially, and download a little, are too low for serious gamers. We have 300/300 from Verizon, but DD15 is a broadcaster so needs super fast. If your kiddos are playing games and interacting with broadcasters, 150/150 is a minimum to prevent lags.


In addition, you have to have a computer that can meet the speeds also. Since you are uploading at only 7, also check settings on your computer as well as what you are purchasing from your provider. If the provider speed is much higher, consider getting a new computer, a device that plugs into your outlets and converts that computer to an Ethernet, or a booster. In the meantime, move your computer real close to the modem and see if that helps. Concrete walls are disastrous to gamers.

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We have the 150/150 now. Prior there were lags with gaming (that my kids complained about constantly).


The only company around here that offers those kinds of speeds is Verizon Fios.  


There are a combination of factors.  Not just Internet, but also the computer itself could be a factor.  Stuff like the video card.  My kids asked me to try Minecraft with them.  I had to buy a new video card just to get it to work at all for me.



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