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Green Pan cookware? Is it any good?


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I bought a Green Pan "healthy ceramic non-stick" stovetop griddle at Target.  I haven't taken it out of the packaging yet and am debating whether I should keep it.  The interior is off-white, so I wonder if it will stain (will be using it for French toast, pancakes, and eggs mostly - but what about blueberry pancakes?).  Also I'd like to know if the non-stick aspect lasts. 


If anyone here has used this brand, do you give it a "yea" or a "nay"?

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The pan is sounding not so good...


It was $30 but I am cheap frugal so to me that's a lot if it doesn't last long.


The instructions say to not use EVOO because it carbonizes onto the pan and makes it lose the non-stick properties.  I use butter for French toast, pancakes, eggs, so maybe that would help keep it non-stick?  Or maybe I should just return it...


But I need a non-stick stovetop griddle!




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I got one for Christmas so I don't have long enough usage to speak for long lasting use.  So far it is working.  It did say to reseason it if it lost any non-stick.


How do you reseason non-stick?  I thought only cast iron needs seasoning/reaseasoning?

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