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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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First of all, I felt so loved yesterday. My dh did indeed take the dog to get washed at the pet spa.  Now she is all pretty and sweet smelling!  AND my son got home early from work and without any prompting on my part, cleaned the kitchen for me!!!!  I was being lazy and sleepy and taking a nap (I am cutting down on caffeine and suddenly need a nap in the afternoon and a solid 9 hours of sleep at night. I hope I am just adjusting).  


Woot!   I love my family!




make pancakes and eggs for breakfast

grocery shop

vacuum upstairs

Make dinner

in the evening, do academics/Latin prep

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Good morning

- tidy house- round 1 done

- laundry- in washer and dryer

- dishes- in dishwasher

- school work- working on it

- fold laundry

- mom taxes

- fafsa

- dinner- meat pulled to thaw

- baths

- bedtime routine

- anything else I get done- cleaned out dishwasher

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I tried to post on this in the wee hours, but my computer kicked me out.


I have the day to myself for the most part.  I plan to alternate between work work and housework.  My hope is to have all my kids' mess and my leftover Christmas mess organized.  (Yes, I still have Christmas stuff lying around.  I didn't do extended-family Christmas until a couple weeks ago, and then I was buried in year-end accounting work.)


The list:

  • Finish laundry (only my bedsheets left to go).
  • Clean kitchen and downstairs clutter.
  • Keep the critters happy.
  • Work work.
  • Go through my kids' bookbags to find papers I need to sign.
  • Sign school papers and pay school bills and get it all ready for Monday morning.
  • Clean the kids' bedrooms.  Purge some too-young and too-small stuff for the cousins.
  • Pay other bills.
  • Fill out kids' camp application for the farm camp.  Write check and prepare for mailing.
  • Some exercise.
  • Some reading.
  • Practice my TKD form.
  • If I have time, I'd like to clean my bedroom and organize my papers.  Might be too much for one day, though.
  • Wash the kids' swim stuff after they get home, so it will be ready for swim team on Monday.
  • Whatever I'm forgetting.  Need more coffee.
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Kids are playing outside on this lovely, 70 degree day. No inside stuff is getting done, but I am fine with that. Gotta love Tn winters, snow last weekend with everything shut down. Spring weather this weekend.


Dog is napping.

Dh is playing on the computer.

I am about to do dinner prep.

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I need to jumpstart my system - I'm sleepy and my internal thermostat isn't working so I'm an ice cube (it's a fibro thing).  I know that getting up and being active is the best thing to do even though it is the last thing I want to do.  So I'm going to empty and fill the dishwasher and then I'm going to go to the Y to work out. 

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I'm late, but it was a busy day.


I shopped basically for the month of February --our family is doing the 100 day THM challenge.  I've been working on menus and routines to keep everyone on track.  


I'm having my last wine now...as I'm committed  to 100 days and getting healthy.....I hope this will break the cycle of garbage eating for me.  :001_rolleyes:   I will not turn 50 next February over-weigh and unhealthy...this gives me a year and 3 weeks to get it together.  :D


Have a great night and say a prayer we all survive the next 100 days. 

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Dishwasher emptied and filled while I talked to my eldest sister.

Ds worked a bit in the schoolroom of Doom.

I walked for one hour at the Y and met my step goal.

Ds has been delivered to his college youth group.

I have tracked my food for the day (a bit of a stress at times)

I was also stressing because I thought that I had to pay bills tonight but I looked at the calendar and it was not payday after all.  So no bill paying


Next - put the garbage out at the curb

Go through the mail

Get shot records all tidied and ready to take with me tomorrow


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I hope you get a good rest tonight, Jean.


Tammy, I bet you will do great with THM. I have enjoyed some of their recipes. I need to get back to lower carb eating too! I always feel good when I do, but I find it hard to stick with in the midst of winter. I will be 50 in March and would like to be slimmer, for sure. I have a wedding to attend in June, which is extra motivation.

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