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What would your ideal Kinder curriculum include?


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Some parents need a curric to lead into lessons exactly as you described.  Ex.  Miquon Math is hands-on exploration with numbers.  For a mom who has been an academic student herself without any experience teaching 4-8yo children, it can be difficult (or just anxiety producing) to pull math off of a worksheet and *do* it.  Having a curric, like Miquon, say "This is a great way to teach." gives mom confidence that the goal is the child's learning and not completion of worksheets.


Five in a Row is another curric that takes what some mothers do as second nature and scripts out the moves.  If a mom feels uneasy "just reading aloud," try FIAR.  Then  do these sorts of activities as they come up with other books.  Most children will begin to come up with their own questions and ideas after rowing a few books.


Reading?  Many moms don't remember how they learned to read and there is so much angst about doing it according to the experts (at the time???).  I love the basic CM method for most kids, but most modern moms feel uncomfortable about it, feeling they will miss something crucial.  Ironically, they often do miss something crucial as the price of using a curric that is completely divorced from actual books.  



So...I agree and disagree with you at the same time.  Make sure that the currics you choose are designed to facilitate lessons for young children.  A program designed to remediate an older dyslexic (9-12yo) will not produce the same results on a 5yo.  Don't burn a 5yo out on math worksheets with 30 problems on each page!  But, do begin teaching them how to notate real life math on paper. (Have you seen the Miquon pages?  They model this.)  Memorize a corpus of poetry and songs and fairy tales, leave the lists of facts for much much later.




What a thoughtful, wonderfully written post. This describes me to a 'tee'. Thank you for stating my situation exactly, without belittling me or other mothers who need the gentle guidance of a curriculum. Post appreciated! :)

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