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I am planning ds11's 6th grade. He will be 11.7.


Bible: just read



finish the last 1/3 of Dolciani Prealgebra, do 2/3 of TT algebra 1



Notgrass America the Beautiful with American literature readers


Rod and Staff English 7

TPS online writing Narnia ........Would this be too hard for him? He has been doing IEW writing A and B and has been writing 5-paragraph essays. He also did half of Jump In writing. What other online lighter writing options are there for his level? By the way, I am considering WHA Fundamentals of Expository Writing for ds(13.8 when school starts in the fall) for next school year.



Apologia Human Anatomy and Physiology with lab at co-op



Second half of Henle Latin 1


Martial arts 2x a week


Co-op art, gym, Apologia Human Anatomy lab


Boy Scout meeting once a week


Computer science


I wonder what online writing your 6th grader will take if any.

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One online writing possibility is Jessica Shao using LTOW. I just had an email conversation with her. For her intro class, there are 6 essays during the year, 2-3 hours of work per week, 9 essays for LOTW1 with roughly 4 hours of work per week. There is the workshop model during class and private, individualized feedback on each essay.

There are just a lot of online writing options out there that it's hard to decide which one is the right one.

Beth Harvey is offering a year of Lively Art of Writing.

The rest of your plans look great. I wish we had a local homeschool lab.

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 Math:                      AOPS Intro to Algebra

Latin:                       Visual Latin 2   (decided to stop latin, but we love the program)

French:                  Duolingo 

Greek:                     Duolingo (should be ready to start soon)

Language Arts :     MCT level 5 

                                  Grammar: Magic Lens 1 and 4Practice 1

                                  Vocab: WiTW1

                                  Writing: AAW1 and probably Cover Story

                                  Literature: MCT Search and Time literature;   lots of good books

History:                   Notgrass America the Beautiful

Science:                  maybe Exploration Education Advanced, or homegrown

                                 Notebooking and Thames & Kosmos kits and Snap Circuits with Guide

PE:                          She is a competitive gymnast, trains 5-6 days a week

She wants to learn Greek as well.  

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Math: Mathusee, Epsilon/Zeta

LA: ELTL 5 with MP's English Grammar Recitation book, R&S Spelling 6, Classical Composition: Fable

History: Memoria Press's Story of the Thirteen Colonies/200 Questions/SOTW 4 set, various American history readers

Classical Studies: MP's Greek Myths

Geography: 50 States and Where to Find Them (by same author as Wayfarers/ELTL) 

Science: CKE Physics, Physics Workshop, Physics 101 DVDs

Bible: A Bible History 

Art: Harmony Fine Arts Grade 7

Latin: Visual Latin

Music: Piano Lessons

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***We formally grade-skipped this precocious kid to seventh this year, for local youth program reasons primarily. She was already performing at or above anyway, so it mostly just changed a number on a piece of paper somewhere. I'll call her a 7th grader now to keep it simple.


***edited in May to reflect changes


My rising sixth grader's list seems pretty settled, but there will be some grunt work going on this summer to get some of it built. (Similar to Homeschooling at the Helm by 8Fills)  **She is precocious and works ahead of grade level.


-Fix It grammar, maybe some Editor in Chief thrown in
-Cover Story composition, though she's not so sure about it now. I think she'll enjoy it when she digs in though. Argument Builder in this block when CS is done.

-finishing Rod and Staff spelling 6 will be in there for a little while too (then she'll drop spelling as a subject)

-Shakespeare based literature, eep! Homegrown, one major play a month, retellings, videos, spin-offs, and reading *portions* of the originals

Language: Spanish for Children B, Duolingo daily until she finishes it and keeps it lit up for awhile, then Memrise

Science: Exploring the Way Life Works by Hoagland, supplemented with Blood and Guts, The Way We Work, and various extra readers, tagging along for high school bio labs with siblings, basically as high school level as I can get it without the high school workload

History: homegrown European history with a heavy focus on royalty and Ireland, by her very detailed request! We'll use Young Oxford History of Britain and Ireland as our spine.

Math: alg 1, leaning towards AoPS, but there are plenty texts in my closet to choose from (Jacobs, Foerster, Lial, etc)

-starting with Bite-size Theology alongside a Catholicism unit (to help that history make sense)

-Cold-Case Christianity for Kids

-History Lives church history series will be woven into history,

Family-wide: History of Art from Veritas Press, poetry, random read alouds and such


-Math Olympiad team

-Future City team - still in the maybe phase

-Civil Air Patrol

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We'll be doing this for 6th:


Math... AOPS pre-algebra

English... Rod and Staff 6, Writing & Rhetoric 4 & 5, Sequential Spelling

History/Lit... Veritas Omnibus 1 (not online)

Science... BFSU 2

Spanish... probably going through Easy Spanish Step by Step along with DuoLingo

Latin... Latin Alive 1

Greek... Elementary Greek 3

P.E.... Muay Thai

And of course still doing Shakespeare and poetry and scripture memory work, Bible study, hymn singing, some geography and astronomy, knitting, coding, etc.

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Oh me, oh my... my youngest will be a 6th grader!


MFW 1850-Modern (history, science, Bible, art, music)

* Not 100% sure I'll use that science though.  I'm torn between one last year of "light" science or buckling down and using Apologia Chemistry/Physics.


Rod & Staff grammar 6 and spelling 7

CLE math and reading 6

IEW Bible-based writing

A Reason For Handwriting F (6th grade)

Exploring the World of Geography 7-8

Thinking Toolbox, along with more Perplexors, if I can keep her in them (she runs through them like water and already does C-level)


I'm also going to put her in a computer course, probably the YouthDigital Minecraft Mod 1 class.  She can already type almost as well as I can.  


Children's choir and lots of independent artsy toy creations.

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I am still trying to wrap my head around it. :)


So far:

Math: Pre-Algebra, probably Saxon

Science : Earth Science through a lens of Big History Project -- a little Cosmology, a little Astronomy, some Geology, some Ecology, some Oceanography, and some Meteorology...

English: Literature selections and I don't know what yet... definitely NaNoWriMo, and a heavy focus on British Lit in the early year (going to Britain)

Social Studies: World Geography (Again first focus on Britain)


Language: expresses interest in Japanese but I haven't done the research

Probably some form of coding/programming as he's obsessive over it ;)

Something else through the co-op


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Tentative plan for my rising 6th grader:


Math: AOPS Prealgebra

English: MCT Voyage, Killgallon Sentences for MS, & Writers Inc

Literature/Reading: Literature to go along w/Renaissance & early modern (still working on this list)

History: K12 Human Odyssey 2 & Story of Science: Newton

Science: He'll be studying biology with The Way Life Works, DK Human Body Coloring Book, TOPS labs, & some dissection kits

Latin: Latin Alive 1

French: Galore Park SYRWTL French 2

Logic: The Art of Argument & The Argument Builder

Art: Artistic Pursuits

Music: Piano lessons

Extra: Boy Scouts & rec baseball

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Tentative plan for my rising 6th grader:


Math: AoPS intermediate algebra

Science: Biology and Chemistry with Labpaq hands on labs

LOTE: German (class) & Chinese (tutor)

Music: flute (teacher)

Music Theory: class at music and art center

Art: class at music and art center

History: world history with DS11:

Programming: Java

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DS1 will be a sixth grader next year.


Math -- We are going to try AOPS Pre-Algebra.  It might be too much for him, and we might do it over two years, or he might fly through it and be ready for algebra the following year.  We'll see.  Oh, and I have the SCM run-your-own-business pet store thing from when DD did it, so he could do that too.  He'd probably get a kick out of setting up a ledger in Quicken.  If he is still lacking for math stuff (he likes math a lot), the Math Mammoth supplemental books intrigue me.


History -- He gets to be part of Mommy's Fantastic Medieval Fantasy year (hahaha -- Middle Ages is my favorite), so he will be using History Odyssey Level 2 Medieval.


Language Arts -- Selections from HO Medieval plus whatever else I assign him from a list of Things Mom Wants You To Read (which I will determine from various online lists, Honey for a Child's Heart, etc.), Figuratively Speaking, something for logic, Spelling Power, and I haven't decided what else yet (need to check back with DD's sixth grade lists to see what extras she did that year), typing on typing.com.


Writing -- not sure yet.  Might start in WWS1.


Science -- he likes the programming section on Khan Academy, and we will do something related to life science/biology, to be determined still.


Bible -- read and discuss from his devotional Bible.


Geography -- world geography with Trail Guide to World Geography.


PE -- martial arts class.


Fine arts -- not sure yet.  


Latin -- Latin's Not So Tough.


Foreign language -- maybe DuoLingo.

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Is my kid the only one not in advanced math? :huh:

Ha! I thought the same thing as I read through the thread!


Dd is a solid math student, but she isn't ahead and doesn't naturally gravitate to math. She really likes the concepts, but struggles to be careful and follow directions.

She loves reading,writing fiction, piano, drama and horses, not necessarily in that order.

MM 6 for her next year.

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Dd turned 11 this summer. A creative humanities girl, a voracious reader and a lovely person!

Math Mammoth 6
Latin Alive 1 (After we finish up LfC. We got less done this summer than I had hoped.)
Reading lots of good books.  Center for Lit class! Her first online course.
WWS 1 
Rod & Staff English 6

WP Equine Science and lots of nature study
Middle Ages History with K12 Human Odyssey and lots other books
Art and Drama tutorial one day a week

Bible. Devotional reading and Journey through the Bible. Lots of discussion. 
PE: long walks, playing outside and some occasional riding lessons or swimming

choir, AHG, youth group

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Is my kid the only one not in advanced math?   :huh:


This is a mathy bunch by the looks of it. Out of my six kids my rising sixth grader is the most advanced in math. She's precocious and "ahead" across the board. This has been our first year on a competitive math team (the middle two kids) and it makes my brain hurt. I miss the days when I was confident of my math ability. They do coding/programming too; I have quit trying to keep up with that one.

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Final plans are done!


Bible-- BSGFAA

Language Arts-- Megawords, Analytical Grammar, lit chosen from VP and MP, WWS 1 with WTMA

Math Mammoth 6

Veritas Press MARR self paced

Science-- AIG animals, human body, plants, ASK human body kit

Middlebury Interactive Spanish intermediate

Reading and Reasoning



Goodness, it seemed like a solid plan and a strong academically charged year lined up until I read through this thread...now we look like slackers :lol:


ETA: piano and she is a competetive gymnast and trains 5 days/19 hours a week.

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We go to an academic co-op 1x/week for these subjects.  The teacher teaches the basic concept(s) each week and we work through the work at home the other 4 days.


Math:  Mr. D Algebra I (this is an online program but Mr. D comes to the co-op to teach)

Writing:  second half of WWS I

Grammar:  second half of Analytical Grammar

Science:  Apologia General Science for middle school (I am so torn about this and dreading this.  I like my science to be secular.  But science is my worst subject and I cannot teach it.  Lots of hand wringing over here over this).

Literature:  I haven't seen the booklist yet but the teacher is great with discussions on the readings and getting the kids to learn new vocabulary

Robotics:  I have no idea what they do I just know my son loves it


On my own, I will teach All About Spelling 6, my own history based on the second half of Notgrass America the Beautiful, continue on with world geography, and start Art of the Argument for logic.

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Edited; revamped.


I think we're planning to do:


Math: Dolciani Pre-Algebra

English: Rod & Staff Grammar 6, Spell to Write and Read, writing across curriculum

History: Tapestry of Grace, Yr. 3 (includes history, literature, geography)

Science: Mom-created general science, including Tiner & Master Books, Usborne books, and DVDs


Majorly scaling back our extra currics next year, most likely doing Awana and a dog agility class, and a very low key homeschool group (field trips, oral speaking, friends!)

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Writing- IEW Medieval and WWS

Spelling - Phonetic Zoo

Vocabulary- CE

Grammar - Analytical Grammar

Reading - Memoria Press 6th gr books sans guides

Poetry - Grammar of Poetry

Math - MM6

History - VPSP MARR w/ Famous Men of Middle Ages

Science- BF History of Science w/ BB Science in the Ancient Times

Extra - Philosophy Adventures


We will also be doing a looping arts schedule with famous artist, composers, Mapping the world

With art, Drawing and history crafts

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My 6th grader's schedule will look very similar to my 5th graders except for math and art...


Math- MUS Epsilon

Reading- Lots of good books

L.A.- SpellWellD/Dd, Vocab. from Classical Roots 4/5, FLL4, IEW SICC-A

Science- RSO Chemistry

History- finishing History Odyssey Middle Ages w/ SotW 2 and starting H.O. Early Modern w/ SotW 3

Civics- Notgrass Uncle Same and You

Art Classes

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I haven't given this much thought, but reading the plans of others is giving me inspiration.  Still trying to figure my youngest out.  She's sooo different from the other two!


Horizons Math 6 and Life of Fred (not sure where we'll be with those)

Spelling Workout, CAP Writing & Rhetoric, unsure about grammar

Beginning Latin with?? Don't want to overwhelm her.

Science with Behold & See 6

History - Beautiful Feet Early American & Geography thru Lit

Maps, Charts and Graphs (this is like test-prep for her)

World Geography at co-op

Spanish at co-op

P.E. - competitive year-round soccer team, summer swim team, tennis when we have a free night

choir and art classes

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MM 6


OM Life Science


OM Ancient History


Spanish in small group setting (light amt of work)


Maybe try Lively Latin


Language Arts:   GWG 6

                            Literature - try homeschool book study dotcom, add some other books as well, maybe MBTP units

                            Writing - I will throw together a mishmash of things

                            Vocab - some root work; she asked to be done with spelling and I think we are there, so exploring this now


Dance, piano

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Edited to add: we started already, so I am editing what I have dropped/added (mostly added).


Beyond Five in a Row Volumes 2 and 3 


Math: Saxon 6 (she asked to switch to this)


LA: finish up All About Spelling, Rod and Staff English 5, Rip the Page Creative Writing


French:  Ecoutez Parlez


Science: Apologia Chemistry and Physics


Literature/Bible: Chronicles of Narnia + ROAR! study guide


private sketching/painting lessons at a studio with an art teacher (dd wants to major in fine arts - hence the private lessons)


So far, it's all working out!



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With a new baby in the mix next year, I am planning on a lighter year. Our plans so far....


Math: Life of Fred PreAlgebra

English: Jump In Writing or IEW Co-op, Rod and Staff Spelling 6, Grammar Revolution

Literature/Reading: History Based Reading, Read Aloud list from Simply Charlotte Mason

History/Geography/Bible: Wayfarers Middle Ages

Science: Apologia at Co-op or Home

Latin: Latin for Children

Logic: Perplexors A

Art: Artistic Pursuits, SCM Paper Crafts

Extra: Karate and Baseball

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Bible: ? I have something in mind, but I never can remember the name of it. Old testament studies.


Social studies: Sonlight core F


Science: Sonlight science E or F


Math: MUS Epsilon


Language arts: IEW SWI A, Spelling You See 4 or 5?, GWG 5 or 6, maybe Fix It Grammar instead of GWG


Other: Mapping the World with Art

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Sonlight Core E

Sonlight Science E or Elemental Earth and Space for Logic, I haven't decided

TT 7

CLE LA 600

CLE Reading 600

IEW United States writing book, along with select assignments from SL LA, notebooking

Maps, Charts, and Graphs, Critical Thinking Co., Typing, Spanish

1 day a week homeschool enrichment

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My plans right now:

History:Tapestry of Grace Yr 2

Literature: TOG

Writing; Probably IEW Medieval, but I might do Write Source 6 with him

Spelling; Probably Spelling Power

Grammar: Climbing to Good English 6

Math: Horizons 6

Science: Probably Prentice Hall Science Explorer Earth Science

Art: Not sure--maybe Art With a Purpose 6, maybe I'll pull something together. . .

Music: Guitar

PE: running, TKD

Bible: I think we'll do the fourth of the Apologia series

F. Language: I think we'll finish Prima Latina and go on to the English Road to Latin, but it's possible he'll do Spanish

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My ds11 has recently started 6th grade.  He is not a big writer so we are working on this regularly and improving....


Math: Mathsonline/Targeting Maths 6

Sonlight Core F - includes Bible, History and Literature

Sonlight Science E - he is loving this.

Writing: WWE 3 continued, dictations and selected assignments from SL LA, Mom made assignments

Spelling: Successful Spelling 5

Grammar and Skills: Grammar Ace/Successful English (workbook including some writing, comprehension, and grammar - alternated with Grammar Ace)

Language: French

Music: Piano

PE: Bike Riding, Cricket


We also do some family topics which will include art, Australian history, extra history and science, geography, composers etc


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I've been thinking about this more, and have fleshed it out a bit since I posted in the middle school planning thread.


History: SOTW 4, post-WWII, with lots of library reads. We'll supplement past year 2000, then if time allows we'll loop back to prehistory. We also do current events once a week.

Science: Biology, likely RSO Biology Level 2, plus observations of a frog pond. ETA: supplemented with McHenry units on Protozoa, The Cell, and maybe Botany.

Math: Saxon 7/6, followed by either Saxon 8/7 or Algebra 1/2.

Literature: custom list, including Beauty by Robin McKinley, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Time Machine, Where the Red Fern Grows, The Odyssey (adaptation?). Eventually the list will be 9-10 books. We're also going to more purposefully include poetry.

Spanish: second half of an old high school book, since she's enjoying it this year.

Logic: Logic Liftoff, a variety puzzle book, Mindbenders book 4, and Android or HTML programming.

Art: she wants to learn graphics design on the computer so she can make cartoon videos, so I've been looking at software for that; we'll also continue with weekly multimedia projects and I'll probably get her a book on how to use colored pencils (i.e. blending, shading, realistic tips). We'll probably also do something weekly related to the novel she'll write in composition.

Spelling: she wants to go back to Evan Moor

Vocab: Vocab from Classical Roots 6

Health: I have a middle/high school text we'll probably spread over several years, possibly adding in units on STDs

Life Skills: focus on cooking more main dishes (at least weekly), internet safety/etiquette, continuing Learning to Learn, maybe adding Easy Peasy's Foundations.

Grammar: it became apparent this year that she needs to learn how to diagram sentences, so I've got to get something to teach that.

Composition: She started writing fan-fiction this year in her spare time, so I want to get her a novel writing curriculum. She'll also be updating her blog and do daily journaling. ETA: we have a published author in our co-op who has agreed to teach a writing class to help kids go from short story length to novels.

Elective: now that she'll officially be in middle school, I wanted to let her choose an area to study. She said dragonology. I'm torn between 1) pulling something together with dinosaurs, medieval stories (Beowulf, Saint George and the Dragon, etc.), cultural differences, and documentaries or 2) telling her to pick something that I don't have to make from scratch. :p ETA: I had her look through a list of electives, and her top picks were: mythology, fashion and style, or creative writing. I think the co-op class will fit the creative writing request. I'll probably add a few mythology choices to literature as well.


For December, I'd like to do half-days and then try the following for the afternoons:

week 1, baking

week 2, gift making/crafts

week 3, Girl Scout badges

week 4, enjoy presents



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Ok, this is my plans for my middle daughter.  She will be 11 in May, so a young 6th. This will be our 2nd year of homeschool.  We go to co-op once a week.  This is still a rough plan, advice is always welcome. 


Language Arts-

Spelling- AAS lv finish 3-5ish (She has issues with spelling, so working though.)

Writing- Writing with Skill ???  Still debating

Reading- With history and off a list I have

Grammar- ???


History- History Odyssey Ancient History lv 2


Science- She want to study Anatomy.  So debating- Bookshark 5th grade Science or Biology for the Logic Stage (leaving out the plant and adding to the human part)


Math- Life of Fred


Logic- Building Thinking Skills Book 2, Mind Benders


Art/ Music- Harmony Fine Arts Ancient Art and Orchestra

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Here's the rough draft:


ELA - MCT Grammar Voyage, W&R Chreia & Proverb/Refutation & Confirmation, Figuratively Speaking, his choice of books from my literature list


Math - Jousting Armadillos?


Latin - Online class somewhere


Science - Ellen McHenry The Elements, FLL Robotics



History - possibly mom-made unit studies


Fine Arts - piano, saxophone, music theater


PE - soccer, ??

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Writing- IEW Medieval and CAP Writing and Rhetoric Chreia

Spelling - Dictation work

Vocabulary- Vocabulary from Classical Roots

Grammar - Rod and Staff

Reading - Teaching the Classics with Ready Readers and/or DITHOR

Math - CLE Math 6

History - Heart of Dakota Res to Ref

Science- Apologia Astronomy with Exploring Planet Earth

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I have two that will be working at about the 6th grade level and this is tentatively our plan:

Bible: Pilgrims Progress Study by AIG
Language Arts: CLE
Writing: Cover Story
Math: CLE
History: I *think* I am going to cover Texas history but I might do that over the summer and move us on to World History...I am still very undecided here.
Science: If we manage to finish General Science we will move on to Physical Science

My oldest is participating in our Jr. Zookeeper program at the local zoo
The middle is taking STEM classes and learning how to do 2-D animation
Both are participating in First Lego League.

We are also considering some fun classes at our local co-op. I am still thinking on it though. If we do, my oldest wants to take a cooking class and my middle wants to take a writing class based on Lego.


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This is my 2nd time with 6th grade so will recycle some materials:

Language Arts - McGraw-Hill Treasures Grade 6.  Older DS used Holt Literature for 6th, but I think this one will still need the spelling, grammar and thematic support of the Treasure program. Supplement with MP novel studies,  IEW Writing, Wordly Wise vocabulary, and Critical Thinking software.

Math - Either Envision Math or Glencoe Math 1.  Older DS skipped this grade and went to 7th grade materials, but this one is a little weak in math and needs more hand holding.

Science - Glencoe Science 6

Social Studies - Scott Foresman World History (ancients to Renaissance)

Spanish - Como Te Vas? Red Level - exploratory course.

Elective:  Technology with older brother. Microsoft Office and keyboarding, HTML, possibly Java and robotics

Health/Art - integrated into science and social studies instead of separate courses.

Music - piano lessons

PE - local rec center and Scouts.

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Busy thinking about next year, and I thought I'd write things down here so I can't possibly lose my plans :)


DD will be in grade 6, she is a highly motivated learner, stronger in reading/writing, weaker in math and spelling, who likes her independence.


History: finish up SOTW 2 and start 3, with WTM Logic add ons...timeline/outlining and lots of supplements (crash course history, library books)

L/A: MCT Island level (doing this with two younger brothers), and Brave Writer free writes, copywork and writing projects (possibly Arrow subscription).  Apples and Pears spelling level B for remediation.  Reading classics at a grade 6-9 level on her own; listening to family read alouds

Math: Math Mammoth 5, or possibly BA 4 along with her math whiz little brother

Latin: Big Book of Lively Latin book 2

Keyboarding: KWT grade 6

Logic: possibly fallacy detective, continuing on with Mind Benders Logic problems which she loves

Science: Novare Physical Science with a friend co-op style

PE: Karate, swimming, family activities

Music: continue with piano lessons

Other: Zones of Regulation Curriculum with siblings


Also, many discussion about current events, financial planning and home organization


That looks like a lot now that I write it all down!  We'll see what gets done in real life. 


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I feel like I'm finally ready to post. I've really struggled this year putting together a list. I have most of this on my shelves. I'm fairly sure my plans are final (But I'm open to suggestions!).


History: SoTW 1 and 2. KF History Encyclopedia. I feel like this will be too light. However, I'd really like to focus on HOW to study, how to outline, how to research.

Science: CPO Life. Also unit studies on Chemistry and Oceans (requested- And I'd love suggestions here)

Math: Finish RS G. Start either AOPS Pre-A or VT algebra A-C

English: Worldly Wise, Spelling Workout, WWS, (Grammar-undecided) NANOWRIMO

Literature: Undecided. 5-10 selections.


Extras: Violin, Robotics, 4H, Crochet, Soccer, Awanas, Geology (rock collecting. Talking with "nearby" geologists at least once a quarter).



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We're 7 weeks in to our year.


DD is 11 in July and is doing a sort of 5/6th combination year.


Math: finish BA4D, BA 5 as it is released. Life of Fred pre-a series. Mathematics a human endeavour - she loves this!


Logic: fallacy detective - another hit.


History: finish the second half of Diana Waring's RRR, including Plague from rfwp. I also have her practice outlining and essays in history.


LA: pieced together. We are doing a journal, including poetry and nature.

We are slow reading a midsummer night's dream and working through CW's poetry for beginners. We may do some creative writing later in the year.

Spelling by sound and structure 6 and grammar voyage level.


Languages: Latin- she finished gswl. We're doing fabulae ceciliae now and will probably begin with Henle later in the year.

Russian - Rosetta stone.


Art: virtual instructor videos.


Science: units using bfsu2. We're just finishing astronomy. We'll do some chemistry, biology and botany (probably using quark). Observations in the nature journal.


Violin lessons and sport for fun (mostly swimming, bikes, tennis)


I think that's it. It's working well so far, only science is difficult to get to sometimes...

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Hoping to be our first year back at home after 4 years in public school. I will have my 11year old doing the following next year if all goes as planned.


Reading: great books from each genre some are part of history too.

Language: rod and staff 6

Math: pre-algebra Teaching Text books

History: Notgrass From Adam to Us.

Science: Exploring Creation with General science

Spelling: Spelling power list D or E and my own activities

Music: She is currently doing trombone.

PE my kids are always on the go but do sports too.

Bible: part of History.


I will have my 4th and 8th grader do history and science with us the other subjects they are going to use the same thing at their level. My oldest will do English online. We are leaneing towards Monarch. She is doing the standard test practices and loves the on the computer ideas. Please let me know if you have any helpful tips. We do travel a lot while my husband is gone about 9 weeks late summer early fall so online access is big for my oldest less to haul with.



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Ha! I have been waiting for one of these threads. This will be our first year homeschooling full-time. LOL, you will see that we have some catching up to do.




Math: Math Mammoth as spine but Simple Solutions and Beast Academy for variety 


Language Arts: Spelling & Vocab: CAP's Word Roots program, starting at 1 and hoping to fly through to more challenging levels. Write Source. Ceasar's English also on the way. 

Language Arts: Grammar: Write Source, Basic, Not Boring Language Arts;or possibly Analytical Grammar? Not sure where he's at exactly. Holt's Elements of Language as spine. Also using Grammar Keepers, Giggle Guide, Eats, Shoots & Leaves, Strunk & White as reference. I am a grammar nerd.  

Language Arts: Writing: Mix of CAP Writing & Rhetoric, Wordsmith Apprentice and homegrown assignments. Adding Write Source, Learning Grammar Through Writing and Don't Forget to Write.  


Portuguese: DuoLingo, Practice Makes Perfect


Spanish: Destinos, DuoLingo, Practice Makes Perfect, Power Glide Middle School Spanish or Visual Link 1, Carson Dellosa I for workbook


Coding: Various, including Scratch, Animation (2d & 3d), 3d printing, photo editing, youtube channel and content building

Homeroom & Discussion: Logic & Philosophy Mondays: Philosophy for Kids, Fallacy Detective, Thinking Toolbox, etc.; Science History Tuesdays: Story of Science; World History Wednesdays: Story of the World; Finance & Leadership Thursdays: 7 Habits for Teens, Motley Fool investment books, Penny Candy, Shackleton, etc. various Roman history and leadership books, basic finance and investing
Music: continuing fiddle



US History: History of US and Zinn's Untold History of the US. Deep dives TBD, but likely Ken Burns' Civil War and Westward Expansion


Science: Science Matters series, some Dr. Art, Intelligo unit studies as they make sense, CPO Earth Science, deep dive into Oceanography with Ocean First, Geology Unfolded, deep dive into Engineering TBD, TinkerCrates.



Art: nothing formal, but will encourage his love of drawing with Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and Simply Draw


PE: continuing horseback, plus skiing, climbing, hiking, biking, skateboarding


DIY: hands-on projects to include Airstream remodeling project woodworking with mom, car or go-cart engine project with dad, hunter-safety course, TinkerCrate kits or Mel Chemistry kits



We also have a homeschool group that does electives and group science, so we may decide to participate in those and change our schedule accordingly. 



Who else is over-scheduled already?!  ; )








Portuguese: DuoLingo, Practice Makes Perfect

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