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Question on 8th grade history

Guest MountainMomma40

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Guest MountainMomma40

First off I have been homeschooling our children since kindergarten. I have always used a boxed curriculum but next year I would like to go a different route. Can someone please help with what to choose? I was thinking of using the Hakim, History of U.S.. What do you think? And where do you get the supporting materials?



Also I will be homeschooling for High school so any way to prep for 9th grade would be fabulous! Also our son will be in 5th grade next year so anything I can do for both or use later would be fabulous.


Please help!!!

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Hey MountainMomma!
Happy you found this forum....it has been a homeschool treasure to me!

I was reading this thread..... There are some great resources for American History here.


Also, you might want to post this on the Logic Middle school board.
Talk to you later, friend!


Edit to add:  There are also these webisodes to go with History of US....

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