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Is there a big difference between grade 6 and grade 7 Rod and Staff math ?

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My 7th grade dd is finishing the 5th grade Rod and Staff math. It takes her a while to understand math, and she has worked hard and is looking forward to moving up to the next book. We have been moving at a slow pace, but I make sure she understands before we move on to the next chapters. Well, I have the 6th grade books ready to go, but as I was pre-viewing the 6th grade, most of the content was very similar to the 5th grade.  New topics include generally, place value into the trillions (chapter 1),  more work with percents (chapter 9), expense record and calculating interest (chapter 10), geometry-incl. circumference of circle, volume, area of triangle.  I realize the R&S builds in tons of practice and review into their curriculum (one of the things that I like about it). In the past, I have reviewed the early chapters quickly, have her do the review chapter, then take the test, and move on to the newer topics and later chapters. However, the 6th grade book looks so similar, I'm wondering if I can skip it (or most of it) and move on to the 7th grade book. On another note, my dd may be a little more encouraged to be only a year or so behind rather that 1 and a half years behind. Just thinking out loud. Any advice would be appreciated.

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I only have limited experience with Rod and Staff, so take this with a grain of salt, but I wanted to say that since you already have the 6th grade material, why not give her the chapter test for each chapter and stop to review when she hits snags?  You might be able to cover all of the material in just 2 or 3 months or so if it really is mainly review of 5th, just in more depth.  If she runs into issues then you know she was not ready for level 7 yet.  If she moves through the material very quickly then you haven't lost much time, and she can still start level 7 material before summer.  Do you school year round?  


Honestly, if math is not an easy subject I would hesitate to leap over a grade level without at least some coverage of the material in the level that comes after the one she completed, KWIM?

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I have taught R&S math 4-7 to one of mine who needs slow and steady as well...and I wouldn't just skip a grade. That repeated exposure at a slightly different level is great for building fluency *and* confidence in a kid who needs that extra help.


I have condensed books (instead of skipping); my son did grades 4-6 in two years by sometimes doing two lessons a day (doing only the odds or evens). This was recommended to my by one of the advisors at R&S when I called and begged for help asked a question or two. ;)


 It worked well for him.

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