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SAT 2 Latin subject test

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Lukeion suggests taking SAT 2 Latin after Latin 3, but says that kids who are not continuing beyond Latin 2 should take the subject test.


DD wants to take it in June after Latin 2. She will take it again after Latin 3. College board operator told me the score is automatically deleted for kids under a certain age, so if her score is not worth keeping, we have that option.


What does she need to do to prepare for it? Lukeion didn't suggest anything beyond looking through Wheelock's.


On the other hand, if anyone here feels that the scores cannot go beyond 700 with just finishing up Wheelock's, I can warn DD.

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My oldest used the REA prep book and found it helpful because it highlighted a few weak areas.


He was in Lukeion's Latin 4 at the time and got a "5" on the AP exam that same year, so no surprise that he did very well on the SAT II. I used it as back-up in case the AP score didn't come out well because he was applying to several schools that wanted a 4 or 5 on a language AP or 650+ on the SAT II.


It's an hour-long, multiple-choice test, so different than the AP in many ways. 

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For background ~


My daughter took out of the home Latin classes through AP Latin. (She used Cambridge Latin I through IV before her AP Latin class.)  She took the AP exam after her fourth year of Latin studies.  She also took the SAT Subject exam at about the same time.


As regards the Subject test ~

When I asked my daughter what she found most helpful as regards the Subject test, she said taking the sample test in the The Official Study Guide for ALL SAT Subject Tests  was quite helpful in showing her what was expected. If your child were to do that, I think that would give you a good idea of how prepared your child currently is. My daughter's Latin instructor recommended Excelability in Advanced Latin by Marianthe Colakis. My daughter also spent some time with the REA SAT Subject Test in Latin book.

The SAT subject test in Latin is only offered twice a year.


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In addition to the resources that Kareni listed, my SAT II Latin test takers also practiced with released NLE exams, using the grammar questions & reading comprehension passages from Levels 3/4 Poetry and Prose. There are several available online here.


If you order the Excelability text, be sure to also get the Teacher's Manual, which includes the answer key to all the exercises.


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Dd had an odd situation because her first time taking the Latin exam her exam was lost in the mail. Seriously. So two months later after having given up Latin she was back with a week and a half to prepare 3 subject exams(German and Lit also).


Dd has never had outside Latin instruction. Has skipped around program wise quite a bit so has never completed any program. So we looked at the Collegeboard website about a month before and picked her path for the first exam sitting since she wanted to take it. She used the Cambridge and REA combo and felt that she scored well....at least 700 but she will never know.


The second go she pulled the REA back out and went through the last half of Wheelocks using this

http://web.uvic.ca/hrd/latin/wheelock/index.htmin order to go quickly. It was a retest exam, they make two at the same time each time for situations like hers. Even though she hadn't looked at her Latin for six weeks the Wheelocks review served her well. Wheelocks vocabulary matched a bit more closely with the actual exam she thought. Her score was higher than anticipated, well over the 700 mark.

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Thanks for the additional resources, Kathy and mumto2.


I need an answer book because sometimes I unintentionally mislead DD, and I never hear the end of it. I keep forgetting that some NLA exams have answer keys. DD is kind of on her own here, so I want to provide her with everything and keep a slight distance.

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It makes sense to take it after Latin 3, but as soon as Dd heard she could take it after Latin 2, she asked me to find out about it. Mrs. Barr suggested it after Latin 2 for those not continuing with Latin. I'm sure we'll continue since Dd insists. She's on the younger side so it's a chance to experience a standardized test before it really counts.

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