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Algebra curriculum for 8th grader?

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My 7th grade son is currently doing CLE 700 and doing very well with it :) For his 8th grade year, I want to start Algebra. I would like for it to be a curriculum we can stick to throughout high school math (not jumping from say, Saxon to Teaching Textbooks, etc). Also, the spiral approach has really worked well for him, so I would love to find a similar approach. Which programs have you used and would recommend?

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Honestly, if CLE is working well, why not stick with it through Algebra I?  Lots of people have successfully used CLE Algebra I then switched to something else for higher level maths.  In fact, frequently people switch to something different for Geometry in particular.


CLE is working on updating both their Geometry and Algebra II to the Light Unit version but I don't know when those will be finished.  You might get lucky and have them ready when you need them.  If not, though, I don't see this as being a problem according to the posts I have seen from those who used CLE Algebra I then switched (as long as they used the updated Light Unit version).


If not, you might look at Saxon since it is similar to CLE in many ways.  Many seem happy with Saxon Algebra.

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