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*crosspost* Omnibus or Tapestry of Grace

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I have looked over many options for middle/high school and have narrowed to two choices: Omnibus or Tapestry of Grace.  I would like to one of them all the way through our remaining school years, we are currently nearing the end of elementary school.  My goals are something with deep discussions, great books incorporated, yet still keep the love of learning. 


I am wondering about other's pro's/con's about these curriculums and their experiences.   Did your kids find them too overwhelming or did they help foster a love of learning?  Were you able to have meaningful discussions or did they just feel like facts recitations?   Do you feel your kids were able to develop their own thoughts about the subject matter or was it just repeating what they were told in the guides?

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We love Tapestry of Grace. Used it for 5 years, sent the kids back to school for 3 years, and are using it again. I love that it is the same curriculum for all your kids K-12th. It is academically rigorous, from a Classical, Christian perspective. I don't know much about Omnibus, except that it is computer based, so something we would never use. The courses sound pretty cool, but none of my kids would want to be on the computer for that long. And I personally like to have more control over the curriculum.

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My understanding of Omnibus is that it doesn't have to be computer based, they just offer an online class option.  Tapestry of Grace also has online class options.  


I think if you are not pursuing the online option that Tapestry of Grace offers more flexibility in swapping books or adding/subtracting components.  Ie-if you prefer a different writing program you could simply ignore the writing component of TOG and use the writing class of your choice.  


I think as far as amount of content the two programs are a wash.  Both are reading intensive with a large selection of non-fiction and fiction works.  Both could become equally overwhelming or inspiring.  I also think math and science are a wash in comparing the two programs.  I know omnibus has recommendations but I think you could chose your own programs and use what you wish.


One area I've found change in over the years is that Veritas Press has begun writing/publishing many of their own books (works of both historical fiction and non-fiction) that they use in their syllabi rather than using commonly available books.  I don't know how true this is at the upper levels but I have noticed it in the elementary grades.  If you prefer to acquire books via Amazon, used book sources, or the library I would look closely at both programs because TOG may make that easier.

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