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? on keeping track of hours/ resources for high school

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I assume that I need to keep a list of all documentaries and movies that we watch related to history or science in addition to any extra books that she reads.


Right now dd is watching WWII in Colour. My question is-can I include this movie and time for both American History & World History? Technically we are watching for AH but we will probably go pretty in depth into the Holocaust because she is really interested in it right now.


Right now I am thinking I will have transcript by subject rather than by grade.

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If you happen to have opportunity to list (for a college to see) all of the books, movies etc... that you used for a subject, I would probably just list it under World History--I don't think I'd list it for both. (If you are just submitting transcripts to a college, they would never even see the movie listed period--but if you are doing more indepth course descriptions or lists of books etc..., it might come up.)


For counting time, I did sometimes divide things up--just don't double dip. So, let's say my student was working on a research paper for composition class, but the topic relates to our history. I might count the research time for history class, and the writing/typing time for English. So, if you want to divide up how you count the time for the movie, you could count half for each I suppose. 


I honestly didn't worry about being overly precise with this kind of thing though. (I didn't track so much that it would drive me crazy, in other words!) Unless your state requires you to keep time logs--and even then I'd probably use a broad brush-stroke--I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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You should not "double-dip" - each book or movie you use should only be associated with one class or high school credit (unless you are creating one global reading list not separated by classes or credits).


Don't feel like you have to document every piece of text or movie you use. It's OK to just hit the highlights then say "plus additional materials from XYZ"


The goal is to show that you took home education seriously, without bogging the reader down with tons of additional unnecessary information.

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