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Squirrels? Not rats?


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We just moved into a new house. The former owner told us there was a rat and had been putting out rat poison with no luck. Okay, not ideal, but we will fix the problem. We put out traps with no success. But now in the last couple days I have found huge chewed up places. There is no way a rat or a couple rats could have done that in a night's time. I used to raise and breed them, and there is just no way. So the new theory is squirrels? I have seen small squirrels in the yard. I'm not sure what the species is here. They aren't big fox squirrels and they don't look like the big eastern gray squirrels, but maybe gray squirrels are smaller here?


Is the squirrel theory possible? We had them in an attic in a different house but this is in the crawl space below the kitchen. We are sealing things off and we will be calling an exterminator if this doesn't get solved soon.

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I was wrong. It was a rat. It had been avoiding all of our traps, but I must have scared it out of hiding when I was sanding the floor. No more noises, no more chewed wood. Hopefully our improvements in the cleanliness of the environment will keep any more from showing up.

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