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Latin 3 at Lukeion

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If Lukeion's schedule stays the same for 2016-2017, Latin 3 will be either on a Wednesday or Thursday. Is homework still due on Friday if a student takes a Thursday class? Is the workload still about the same as Latin 1 and 2 or much more?


I'm just wondering how we are going to get all the homework done within a day if we take the Thursday class. 



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My son has class on Wednesday, homework is due on Tuesday.


Thanks, so the Barrs show mercy after all.  :tongue_smilie:


I'd say Latin 3 is probably the most demanding year. But this view of mine might be tainted by the fact child#1 was also taking Greek and Roman history the same year. But boy did we discuss Lukeion stuff that year!


It's been a difficult year, not necessarily much more challenging than Latin 1, but there is just so much homework. DD takes Greek 1 with Mr. Barr, so the combination is sort of crazy for us. I want to stop at Greek 1, but DH feels like since DD will have finished Book 1 by April, why not just finish up Greek grammar. Easy for him to say.


WHA offers Latin Reading and AP Latin. Their Latin 3 is actually another grammar year. So non-Barr vendors tend to stretch out grammar for 3 years (similar to CLRC with Greek Athenaze).  

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