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Does anyone have a course description for Spectrum Chemistry?

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This is what I used for portfolio purposes. I do a page like this for each course. Might be too long for transcript purposes, though. I think I mostly copied from the Rainbow website?



Science (Lab), 1 credit


Course Description:


This honors-level lab course covers the properties of matter, the periodic table, specific heat, bonds, molecules, the mole, empirical formulas, oxidation-reduction reactions, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, equilibrium, concentration, state of matter, acids / bases, and introductions to organic chemistry and biochemistry. 


The 32 labs provide hands-on experience in topics such as concentration and serial dilutions, densities, chemical changes including exothermic reactions, chemiluminescence, gas production and precipitation, de- and rehydration, oxidization, electrochemistry, enzyme activity, redox reactions, surface chemistry, the ideal gas law, vapor pressure, extraction, saturation and supersaturation.


Daily exercises, the lab manual, and ten quizzes will provide the basis for evaluating achievement of learning objectives.


Primary Text:


Spectrum Chemistry, Durrell Dobbins




Course Grading


Daily Work                  Labs                 Unit Quizzes                Final Grade:

Semester 1

Semester 2

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Chemistry with Lab


The course shall include properties and states of matter, heat transfer, atomic theory, bonds and

molecules, nomenclature, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, gas laws, simple solutions, and an

introduction to special topics in chemistry. Laboratory experiences shall include lab safety, significant

figures, dilution, density, separations, chemical reactions, dehydration/rehydration, redox,

electrochemistry, enzymes, dissolution, and state changes.


Texts: Spectrum Chemistry, text and lab manual, by Gary M. Wilemon, Ph.D. and Durell C. Dobbins, Ph.D.

Selections from Introductory Chemistry by Nivaldo Tro, text and study guide used for supplementary


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