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Help needed.

My 10th grader daughter has just finished Algebra 2 at the college. So  she now has Alg. 1 and Alg. 2 done, and well. She is not a mathy student however. She has had a little geometry from Alg 1 Saxon, but I believe she may need more. I think we were hoping she would take Trig and then pre calculus at the college maybe Junior year and/ or senior year. When should we do geometry? Can we do it this year in one semester? Can we skip it? Does anyone have a good book idea? Will  collegeswant to  see Geometry? 

Trig and precalculus are semester classes so we have some wiggle room.

Looking for guidance!


p.s. I will be looking through old threads too.

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My opinion: Your daughter should take Geometry before she takes Trigonometry.


At our local community college, one can take College Algebra (the first half of Pre-Calculus) after taking Algebra 2.  However, in order to take Trigonometry (the second half of Pre-Calculus), one must either take or test out of Geometry.


Note: My daughter took both College Algebra and Trigonometry (separate courses) at the local community college.  Both courses used the same book: Pre-Calculus by Sullivan.






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I agree with Kareni that it is good to have geometry before trig.  Also, some colleges specify that students must have had algebra and geometry, though when I went looking for the example that I remembered from previous years, I discovered that they had changed the wording to "three units of mathematics beyond prealgebra, including the completion of Algebra II."

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Geometry needs to be before trig. I mean, maybe she can do trig without geometry, but there is no point to geometry after trig. That would be like taking algebra 1 after algebra 2. If you can do algebra 2, you do not need algebra 1.


We are using Jurgenson's. I will admit though, I do not assign much for the proofs. I find proofs easy, as does my son, but time consuming and tedious.

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