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Other books like Lollipop Logic, Critical Thinking Co.?


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My son loves logic/puzzle books, but does not have good handwriting skills. I'm trying to do more hands-on activities with him and to "go broad" but he really loves working through things like CTC's Mathematical Reasoning and Building Thinking Skills, and Lollipop Logic. He's blasted through a few levels of each and I'm looking to diversify our collection, both to add interest/challenge and to slow him down somewhat (he's 3). 



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You might also download/print from online to strengthen handwriting skills:

- mazes

- dot-to-dot puzzles (number or alphabet based)


Computer -- no handwriting needed:

- Putt-Putt & Fatty Bear Activity Pack -- some great games for logic and critical thinking skills


Games -- no handwriting needed, and some can be done as solo activities:

- regular deck of cards --  War

- Concentration / The Memory Game

- Set for Juniors

- The Secret Door

- Castle Logix

- Zoological

- Taiga

- Equilibrio

- Racko (requires number ordering up to 100)

- Round Up

- Gobblet Gobblers

- Rat-a-tat cat

- Connect 4

- Muggins Math: Jellybeans


Manipulatives -- no handwriting needed:

- Tangrams -- Tangoes

- Pattern Block picture puzzles

- Scramble Squares



Workbook ideas:

Tinman Press materials

Connections series (by grade level)

Critical Thinking Activities in Patterns, Imagery, Logic (gr. K-3) (Seymour)

Stepping Stones: A Pathway to Critical Thinking series

Primary Analogies (from Ridgewood)

Venn Perplexors

Evan Moor Thinking Skills (by grade level, starts with gr. 1-2)

Hidden Picture puzzles and other visual puzzles

Puzzlemania -- Highlights magazine puzzle collections of a variety of puzzle-types



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