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CLE placement Lit and English

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Middle of the school year and I haven't been doing any LA. EG is the extent of our English history, IEW in the past with tutorials and Abeka Lit--read and answer questions.


I went on an ACE looking/testing fest. Since, we have had zero diagramming they tested 5th grade-ish. I want something independent and something to finish out the school year well with. We need Writing, Literature/Reading and Grammar (or not?-why do we teach diagramming???)


10th, 8th and 5th. I graduated one last year and she is in college. I am PAST BURNOUT😞


Thank you,


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We like CLE here. But I agree that it becomes quite difficult after the 500 level. You could work though the 500 level with all of your kids, which would be fine. But since a lot of people switch to something else after that, it might not be worth choosing a program you may drop after only a year.

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