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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Getting ready for the blizzard of '16 r whatever they wind up calling it.


I thought I was good but I just realized I don't have quite enough petfood or kitty litter, if we are snowed in for three or four days.  Grr.


So - take 17 yo to math tutor


Buy petfood/kitty litter (I wonder if this will be sold out as it is a substitute for sand or salt?)


Come home and make basement a little more livable if the electricity goes out and we wind up camping down there by the gas fireplace.


Mass at noon to pray for everybody affected (effected?  I never know!) by the blizzard


Wait for snow.

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I woke up this morning.  Yay for me!


I woke many times with that feeling of dread over work that isn't done and who's gonna have a fit about it....  I think most of that is in my head, but it's more demotivating than motivating.


The kids were dragging this morning, and then one of them clogged the toilet with too much TP.  GREAT, like we have time for that?  Ultimately the school bus had to wait half a minute for my slower runner, and I'm sure she got a talking-to.  Oh well.  Thank God it's Friday.


Oh, and I just found the property tax bill that was due yesterday.  Crap.


Today's list:

  • Kids up & out to school.  [done]
  • Clean the kitchen, bathrooms and some clutter.  [done]
  • Feed the critters and such.  [done]
  • Sign kids up for AHG overnight.  [done]
  • Work.
  • Sign kids up for gymnastics camp tonight.  [done]
  • Sign kids up for horse riding for the rest of winter and prepare check.  [done for tomorrow, will arrange future weeks later]
  • Laundry.  [done]
  • A little reading.
  • Pay bills.
  • Kids' work.
  • Put TKD gear in the car.  (We forgot it yesterday.)
  • Family TKD?  [bummer, Friday class time conflicts with gymnastics.]
  • Sign kids up for TKD belt test.  [next week]
  • Dinner on the fly.
  • Kids to gymnastics.  Work while they play.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
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Good morning! I have a busy day here.


To do:

Unload van with last things from garage

Dog to vet for annual check up

School for all

Grocery store

Kitchen clean up/general pick up

Arrange driving for weekend

PM practice/aikido

Meet friend for coffee

Pick everyone up


Have a great day!

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2-3" and still falling. That is a blizzard for Music City. ;)

We had French toast and bacon for breakfast and kids are building a snowman while dog tries to attack it.

I am having a second cup of tea.


later today:

make bread

watch a movie

play outside with kids and neighbors

call my mom


dinner - roast chx, mashed potatoes and gravy, green peas

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I should clean out my car too.  It is getting really gross.  Every time we get home it's so cold or so late, nobody wants to pick up the junk - and I know it's not going to get stinky in the freezing cold.  :P  But it makes me feel like a pig.  Ugh.

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Husband takes dd to Driver License Bureau to test for Learner's Permit (check)

Shower (umm, not yet)

Go to Fleet Feet and pick up husband's shoes

Lunch out, either to celebrate or console dd about written Driver's test

New light goes up in kitchen (bought new light and bulbs, check.  Now dh must install)

Homemade burgers and Ore Ida fries for dinner

Family Night at Church (maybe)

Driving practice in there somewhere (maybe)

Laundry in there somewhere


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Storm is coming our way tonight so there are a few things I'd like to get done in case we lose power. Other than that just normal Friday stuff.


-laundry washed, folded, and away( don't want stinky workout clothes in my room if we lose power.)

-take package to post office

- drop off pet sitting key

- bake bread

- make chicken broth

- quick clean downstairs

-kung fu for kids?

- quick clean my room

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I was very sick yesterday, and I'm still pretty weak and shaky and tired, but now dh, dd2, and ds2 are all coming down with it. So today is a survival day:

-Feed everyone who's up to eating.

-Deal with cleaning up after sick little ones, and basically hold and comfort littlest one all day.

-Basic school subjects for dd1.

-Do dd1's hair up and find a way to get her to and from her first day of gymnastics preteam.

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Good afternoon

- school work

- tidy house- round 1 done

- laundry

- get dd1 off bus- done

- dishes

- dinner- meat pulled to thaw

- baths

- bedtime routine

- anything else I get done- went to dh's work, he has something in his left eye so I took him to pick up his truck and then he went to the ER (no local eye doctor or regular doctor for that matter that is open is able to help him)

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Human care is done

Pet care is done

Medical care is done

Dishwasher was unloaded (dd) and loaded (me).  There are still dishes waiting for me to either hand wash them or to put them in the dishwasher later, so the kitchen isn't clean yet.

Recycling was taken out.

Compost was taken out.

I filed.  Woot!  (This tends to be a trouble spot for me where I don't get to it nearly often enough).

Wash is in the washing machine and probably needs to be switched to the dryer.

Mail has been sorted and mostly dealt with.

Bills have been sorted.

School is in progress.


Next:  Put wet stuff in the dryer.

Pay bills.


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