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Look over my cleaning routine and tell me what I've missed


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This year, I'm trying to be a bit more systematic about my cleaning. Here's my list, Tell me what I've forgotten.


I'm tired of looking up at my ceiling fans and seeing dust globs or moving my sofa to find a horrid disaster back behind it.


Weekly Chores

  1. Bonus Room—vacuum, dust, clean couches, baseboards, stairs
  2. Living Room—vacuum, dust, clean couches, wipe baseboards
  3. Kitchen—mop, wipe baseboards, Windex appliances, clean microwave, clean fridge
  4. Bedrooms—vacuum, change bedsheets, dust, clean baseboards, straighten stuff
  5. Bathrooms—scrub toilets, clean floors, scrub tubs, wipe down sink, clean mirrors, empty trash, change out towels

Monthly Chores

  1. Wipe down kitchen cabinets
  2. Clean pantry
  3. Clean freezer
  4. Change A/C Filters
  5. Clean laundry room—wipe down washer and dryer, scrub floors, clean filter, declutter and straighten, wipe down dusty spots
  6. Straighten linen closets
  7. Clean Garage
  8. Clean under beds
  9. Dust ceiling fans
  10. Dust light fixtures
  11. Wash kitchen glassware (decorative pieces on display)

Quarterly Cleaning

  1. Bleach/Clean grout
  2. Move large appliances and clean under/behind
  3. Clean out dryer vent
  4. Declutter clothing and closets
  5. Move couches and clean underneath
  6. Kitchen storage—organize and declutter
  7. Dressers—empty and organize
  8. Wash curtains
  9. Wash quilts, vacuum mattresses and rotate
  10. Scrub kitchen table
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