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How do I do this collage poster project?

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I got this idea to do this collage poster of native wetland plants in different seasons.  So we would do a winter poster, a spring poster, etc.  The idea is to have captions under each plant picture with it's identification.  I know I can probably buy premade posters of the plants but thought that going out and searching for them and doing it ourselves would actually cement the information.  I see all these collage poster options online from places like Walgreens and Shutterfly but do you know if it will allow me to caption each picture?  How could we do this?  Is this an ok idea?  A bad idea?  Busy work with no value?  A great project that will cement a love of nature and plant identification etc? 

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I think that if the kids are going out, taking the photos themselves, and identifying them, it could be a great project. A software package designed for scrapbooking or desktop publishing would let you cut, place, and caption pictures, and then you could save it as one .pdf and have it printed whatever size you want.  DD has gotten into doing poster session posters as a final product after attending a few conferences, and she uses Publisher.



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We went to 3 ranger stations today.  Only one of them actually had a ranger there during the published hours.  But he was a good one!  He gave me some great suggestions on resources for other related projects and on field guides to help us with the identifications.  I'm kind of psyched about this.  Much more than dd, but oh well. 

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