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Does this phonics program exist?

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I want something similar to Progressive Phonics, but ready-made readers, preferably hardbound. Cute, nonirritating stories that make some kind of logical sense, no nonsense words. I like the back and forth, parent and child reading style of PP. 

I want readers that explain the rules, not just have them read. 

MUST be completely secular!


I know I can print PP, and I will if I can't find something already printed. I don't have a printer and printing is a PITA. 

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It's a really unique program. I don't know of anything similar. I used it for my two. I taught the phonogram associated with each book prior to using the book. A printing place could print perhaps.


I See Sam are non-irritating and you can purchase them printed and soft bound booklet style. But they aren't back and forth readers like PP, and they don't follow a phonogram progression like PP either. I did like them though. I wasn't impressed with any of the other readers I found.

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