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AHG/TL -- Are your troops meeting same site, same time? Cooperating?


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Our troop has meetings on the same night: AHG and Trail Life. There are *barely* enough rooms; if the TL guys add another level they may have to meet in a tent!


I was wondering what things you've done together and how that has worked....who took lead, how you shared out responsibilities, etc.


Here's what we've done:


  • Family Camp - We used to do this with a Cub Scout troop that co-met with us and it went very smoothly, with the Cubbies picking a campsite that had showers and flushers (because, babies) and AHG doing the meal planning and mutually designed crafts. This year was our first with Trail Life, but they left all the planning to AHG and came along to help only and hang their flags; we couldn't count their leadership for our ratios. Nonetheless, and in spite of the 100-degree heat and drought-level lake, we had a great time.
  • Christmas Party - We invited TL to the AHG party; they brought food & presents (stuff for homeless people, donations) and we organized the party, devotional, crafts, and games. The TL dads did help with cleanup.
  • Troop Meetings - We've invited TL to 2 meetings so far this year, one where the Pi/Pas (older girls) had a canine unit come & demonstrate, talk about training, etc.; and one where a canine partners (service dogs) group came and talked about what they do and what the dogs are trained to do. We're also inviting them to an ambulance visit that will be part of an Explorer badge next month.

So, as you can see, it's been a bit one-way so far. I know very little about the Trail Life program, so I don't know if their rules don't allow them to reciprocate? AHG has a memo of agreement with TL, but I don't know what TL's official position about cooperation is. I am just feeling it's all a bit one-way and wondering if that's just our troop or if it's policy for them.


Anybody else know? Anybody else have a cooperative arrangement with a TL troop and what does it look like?

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