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School evaluation back. Please help to interpret what we are dealing with..


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They recommended Wilson 2 times per week and 1hr each time but can be break down to 30 minutes each and 4 times per week. He is still at school and has IEP. He is supposed to meet reading specialist 3 times per week last school year and I know reading specialist is Wilson trained. However, I just knew that they were working on comprehension, not Wilson reading. This school year, he is placed in inclusive class that has special Ed teacher in class support his reading and language arts. From what I know, she will use direct phonic instructions while reading with him but not specified if it will be OG. I need to find out more. Speech therapy goals were achieved last school year but SLP will continue working on his Pragmatic Language part which is not set in his IEP.

We have an tutor at home. She is OG trained but not Wilson. She does guided reading and writing with my son since 2nd grade. This school year, tutor will use megaword, vocabulary workshop and writing with skills along with four square writing framework with him. I will ensure he does reading assistant at least 3 times per week. I mentioned that to our private evaluator, and she thinks the home plan is solid.

I will provided the report to our case manager and see what she says. Our IEP is due to renewal in January.

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