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OK. Once I send these in, I can revise at least once after we have finished our taxes, correct?


What if I make a bone-headed mistake (not naming names... but some homeschooling mothers in this household make bone-headed mistakes from time to time...)? Can I revise it to fix the mistake, and then revise again when we've done our taxes?


(I realize that would be FAR from ideal... but the certainty that I'd be ABLE to fix it ,if it were needed, will allow me to tell the perfectionist in me to chill -- and to hit "SEND" on these things once I have checked them over a dozen times...)


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You cannot update your CSS/PROFILE. If you find a major mistake you have to contact your colleges and let them know. The colleges will require a copy of your tax return, which they will compare to your estimates later.


You do update your fafsa once you file your taxes, though. It is recommended to file your taxes online and use the IRS retrieval tool.

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