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Kindergarten plans!!

Peaceful Isle

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Planning on:

Reading Lessons Through Literature
Miquon and Ray's
Bible Study Guide For All Ages
Continuing CC Foundations Guide at our own pace

MFW Learning God's Story
SOTW I, BFSU, and Artistic Pursuits


English Lessons Through Literature

Hey Andrew

We'll wait and see what he's into. :)

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We will be doing math & language arts 5d/wk, plus one additional rotating subject each day - art, music, science (nature study), poetry.


Math: RightStart A, MEP 1, Miquon Orange

Logic - Lollipop Logic

Reading: LOE Foundations

Handwriting: LOE Foundations

Spelling: LOE Foundations

Science: Nature Studies

Art: Custom Elements of Art US

Music: Custom Instrument Families US

Poetry: Custom Poet US

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We are doing K this year (DD turned 6 in October, so she's doing some K and some 1st materials).  I planned quite a bit, but here's what we stuck with:


SCM Mathematics and Liberty Math K, we've also done a few lessons from Ray's

Starfall Writing Journal, jigsaw puzzles, and take home readers

McGuffey primer, we add new words to a Starfall "dictionary" (I write in highlighter and she traces over it in pencil), sometimes we build new words with reading rods as well.

R&S Preschool workbooks

Paper Sloyd for Primary Grades--this is in the public domain and has been a lot of fun.  We made paper items out of scrapbook paper and work on measuring skills.

piano lessons


Some of our family studies: SOTW 2, Visits To Europe (she colors each country a different color as I name them), Bible stories, Poetry For Young People's Shakespeare, Laying Down the Rails for Children, Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space (we just started this), Harmony Fine Arts (just stared as well), lots of CM studies (nature, hymn, folksong, etc.).  


We also did some of the Wee Folk Art program, mostly memorizing poems and reading the books, plus a few activities.  I just don't have time for this as much as I'd like.

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For K4:


Math: Miquon, Mep Y2, FAN math process skills 1, LoF Apples-Dogs (again), living books, Prodigy, Peggy Kaye games, RS games


Reading/Spelling (most subject to change): Poetry memorization with mom led phonics/spelling, ELTL 1, LOE phonogram and spelling games


Handwriting: Zaner Bloser 4 Cursive, maintaining manuscript with projects


Science: Guest Hollow Otter's Anatomy, Guest Hollow Science of Seasons, BFSU loosely, Creepy Crawlies bug study and gardening over the summer, nature walks


Music: Formal piano lessons, My First Piano Adventures B and C loosely, These Amazing Musical Instruments, concerts


Art: Living books, Artistic Pursuits loosely, Come Look With Me, Drawing books (not sure which)


Foreign Language: ASL with younger brother and review Song School Spanish, bilingual books


History/Geography: Legends and Leagues (storybooks only), Usborne Internet Linked World History lightly, world myths, continue memorization of states and countries/continents/oceans


It looks like a lot but almost everything is done playfully. We spend no more than a half hour doing structured seat work a day.

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I'm doing k now with #3-

Logic of English Foundations

Math (everything- MEPR, Miquon-Orange, MiF-k(and part of 1) and Horizons-k)


Tag along with Nature Study, Cultural Study, Art, Crafts(Arts and Crafts from cultural studies, lessons and many other places) and Poetry Time

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My little guy's birthday literally is the state cut-off. He's five. I waver constantly on whether to call this year K or next year. He's doing okay with K academics this year, but his speech and social anxiety are behind.  Obviously at home we'll just give him whatever school books he's ready for, but once that grade is established socially it will affect his success in Cub Scouts and such.  ***Eta: We'll call '16-'17 his K year.


This is what he's currently using.

-Rod and Staff math 1 (starts with number recognition and gently works up to facts through 10, with other random bits like fractions, skip counting, etc)

-story Bible and some old Sunday School flannel sets

-our own quirky combo of Sing, Spell, Read, and Write kindergarten level, BOB Books, and Writing Road to Reading - He started just working through SSRW and learning the WRTR cards on the side. SSRW got over his head when it got to blending and got shelved. Then we started reverse engineering the BOB Books by spelling the words in them on a Boogie Board, similar to the WRTR method. This took a week or two to get through one BOB book until he could read it well. Now reading is beginning to click into place and he's moving through them faster. He's still practicing words from them on a Boogie Board, but he has blending mastered well enough he could go back to the more entertaining SSRW pages now.


This is the current plan for his official K year, blend of K/1st skill levels. Updated in April.

Math: I'm putting an old OOP MUS Foundations set, word problem books, Family Math, Gettegno Math book 1, and random manipulatives on his shelf.  He'll do math daily from his choice of those books, with lots of Mom-dependent lessons and hands on activities

Religion: transition to early reader Bible for him to read to me instead, some gentle catechism work with Training Hearts Teaching Minds

Phonics: finish SSRW level 1, undecided if we'll continue with the 2 level, finish CLP kindy readers and BOB Books through collection 3

Reading: start Favorites literature from Veritas Press when he's ready to leave phonics readers behind (Kindergarten Favorites, First Favorites, etc)

Geography: Legends and Leagues (1st gr) from Veritas Press, followed by Geography and Map Activities (Rand McNally), followed by random geography supplements like Children Just Like Me, Passport to the World, Childcraft volumes, and such

Science: Well, the older homeschooled sibling planets mysteriously aligned and they are all doing biology or life science this year by their own individual choosing. He and I will cobble some interest led studies through life science topics using My First Encyclopedia of the Human Body (Scholastic paper crafts still around if he's interested), Getting to Know Nature's Children (nonfiction books on various animals), My First Nature Book, Green Thumbs, Seed Babies, and whatever else we happen to pull off the science bookshelf. As per a family tradition The Goops will be worked into the human body unit somehow.


Of course lots and lots of good read alouds, backyard time, playing, swiping big brother's Lego creations, rolling around with the dog, and general hooliganisms.

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Our oldest is 5.5 and we've just (loosely) started K for him (with the 3 and 2 yo tagging along).

Math: Miquon, c-rods, games
Phonics/Reading: Webster's Speller

Bible: We do a virtue and saint of the month. We read a Bible story at bedtime. We also are doing a "letter of the week" Bible story adapted from the God's Little Explorers program (good review for oldest...meets desires of the younger 2 to "do school")

Everything else: books, books, and more books


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Guest Lady Lisa

My little first little guy turns 5 next month, so I decided to test the waters this year before the official commencement of kindergarten for him by using Sonlight's Pre-K. 

I will continue what I started this year on a very casual basis:

Reading: All About Reading . . . supplemented with Explode the Code 1 and 2 and Bob Books, which he loves.

Read Alouds: I've compiled a list from WTM, Sonlight, and a few other sources.  I won't read them all to him and his little brother, but I will aim for continuing with reading aloud every day and press toward chapter books.  I'll check Ambleside online for more.



Math: Singapore Essentials Kindergarten A and B.  He's mastered all the topics in A, but I want him to be confident in writing his numbers before pressing on with B.  I'm just not in a hurry for the formal academics at this point in time.

Bible: We have Every Story Whispers His Name, which I think we should go through each day.  He'll continue with AWANA.  What I really liked though was reading of a Charlotte Mason mom here in my city who reads a psalm one day, OT the next day, NT the next day, and then a devotional.

Handwriting: We've started HWT this year. I'm not pressing fast with it.  My son surprised me in September by just writing out the alphabet one day in capitals instead of drawing on his blank piece of paper.  He knows how to write them, but not actually handwrite all of them properly.  So HWT teacher's guide, chalk, chalkboard, and the workbook are all I've bought so far.  I did get some foam and felt at Hobby lobby to cut out the "wooden pieces" to replace the construction paper ones we've been using for now.  I've been quite pleased with how much neater his writing has gotten as a result of the pieces.  The chalkboard is basically a tracing method, but it's a paper saver!

Science: We're continuing through Sonlight's Pre-K living books, but next year I have God's Design for Life (Plants, Animals, and Human Body) for next year from AIG.  I'm really interested in BFSU and will investigate something like Apologia's Young Explorers or Elemental Science Classic Series.  I want something with an interesting narrative.  AIG is pretty textbookish, but if the boys like it, we may continue.  I want them to enjoy learning science like I want them to enjoy learning history.  So I really appreciate OP generating this discussion!  :-)

Music: His piano teacher is about to start him on My First Piano Adventure for the Young Beginner B.  She'll be going off to college in the fall, so we'll be looking for a teacher for him this year.  And we'll enjoy classical music focusing on maybe 4 to 6 artists over the course of the school year.


Spanish: I'm really looking at Sonrisas Spanish school, though it's quite expensive.  I won't buy the storybooks though. I can get most of those through our library system.  But I realized last week that I can get my kids to speak as well as a 3 year old on my own.  And having that kind of confidence will open doors so we can immerse ourselves in Spanish videos (like the option on the Magic Schoolbus DVDs).

Art:  Thank you, Slache, for mentioning Artistic Pursuits! I hadn't heard of that yet, but that sounds perfect! I never took art in high school or college, so I'm not artsy and don't even understand design concepts.  I enjoyed what little art history I was exposed to in high school.  So I know we'll enjoy learning together.


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Writing:  Startwrite worksheets.   Working on Italic letter formation

Reading:  Abandoned any formal program.  She reads out loud one reader from the library a day.  Going through the Minnie and Moo books at the moment.  Those are incredibly cute.  

Math:  Life of Fred and Mathseeds (online).  

Everything else:  Sonlight 4/5 books and those Developing an Early Learner books.  Plus, mommy has a book buying problem (buy too many)


Art: Mommy and Daddy can't draw, so she is an Art class.  Also, Kiwi crates.  That's art, right?  

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We've just started our school year here. My Ker is slightly accelerated. 


Reading: 100 Easy Lessons and Explode the Code (I See Sam books intermittently for practice/confidence)

Writing: D'Nealian 1st Grade Workbook and Practice Book. Doodles ABC and 123

Motor Skills: Some Kumon books and some drawing books


Math: Mathematical Reasoning B, Two Plus Two Is Not Five, Life of Fred

Logic: Lollipop Logic, CTC Half'n'half animals and Thinker doodles


Electives this year (one at a time in 'units'): Simple Machines (lego and goldie blox), MindUP mindfulness curriculum, A mummy-made geographical-awareness unit using books like Children Just Like Me, Hungry Planet and Material World. 


Also maybe piano lessons, if I can get DHs butt into gear to start them. 



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Math- Horizons K

Phonics- ETC and Bob Books

Health- Horizons

Science- Nature study

History- SOTW

Art History- I found one online and printed it but can't remember the website it was divided by grade level and looked like something she would like to learn.

Extra curricular- Dance, tumbling, and piano lessons.

Still undecided about handwriting, but I am leaning toward Zaner Bloser

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We are K5 this year.


One big thing that has improved our schooling is that I use a timer to make sure we aren't doing the same thing for too long. He can have more time if he wants to (to draw/color for example, or to finish up whatever design he is doing with shapes...) he also takes wiggle breaks to play and if something interesting is happening outside our window (gardeners pruning trees for instance) he can go watch.


This is what we are currently using:




He reads aloud regularly. Either AAR1 stories from the readers or I help him with stories from books like Frog and Toad or The Cat in the hat. (He's a sight reader and gets irritated by phonic readers, which is why I appreciate the word lists on AAR1)






MM1 - When he is done quickly we supplement with


Mind Benders 1, Stepping Stones 1, games, playing with manipulatives... (He picks one after MM but not if MBTP is math heavy that day)


MBTP 5-7 which covers science and ss as well as handwriting, literature and some math. I cover all science, math and ss with MBTP. We skip the LA if redundant.


Audiobooks from library for car rides. Other library books for story time. Should I count story time as homeschool? DH and DS are going through Usborne's Time Traveler history book for fun as bedtime stories - so there's extra history there!


PE: He has been enrolled in soccer for a while and when soccer is out (like right now), I make a point of taking him to ride his bike at the park and to play in the playground regularly (it was 66F out today)





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:(  My youngest will be K in the fall, still deciding what to use.  But this is what I have planned as of now.


  • Phonics- Ordinary Parent's Guide to Reading & various readers (He taught himself to read at 3yrs. so I want to go through this quickly to make sure he has all those special sounds down. (Might switch to RLTL to focus more on spelling since he seems to know most phonics)   :)  He also loves Reading Eggs so we will probably continue that
  • Many books varying from Literature, History, Science- using various lists from AO, MP, and including a Nature Journal
  • Geography/Community Helpers - really want to make this fun he loves learning of other places so thinking of coming up with a geography theme starting with community helpers in our area and then branching out throughout the world.  Focusing on good literature and field trips when we can  :-)
  • Writing- Continue working on correct letter formation, writing letters, and keeping a journal
  • Math- Saxon 1, calendar and games! (looking into online games - Math Seeds)
  • Bible/Character- Golden Living Bible, Children's Story of Virtues, or Faith books, AWANA
  • Spanish- Lyric Language, Hymns (Cedarmont in Spanish), Muzzy videos, maybe a coop class if we can get in
  • Fine Arts- tag along with brother's for our morning time:  (Poet study, Composer, Artist, etc.)


Outside activities:  Possibly an art and Spanish class once a week at the coop (if we can get in) and piano instruction one day a week.


Plan on keeping actual learning time about 45min. -1 hr a day not counting our read aloud times a day.  He LOVES to be outside so we will continue to stay outside 3hrs. a day when we can it keeps us all sane here!  :tongue_smilie:


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K5 is sort of up in the air right now.  It depends a lot on DD's progress the rest of this year, as well as some external factors (we are moving states likely, and I have a baby due early Aug---the move and the baby will happen likely the same week).  We might have to put off the start of the year until Sept, but we go nearly year round so hopefully DD won't end up too far behind.


Spine: MBTP 5-7

Phonics: LOE D (and finishing up whatever might be left of C), 20-30 minutes of reading practice daily

Math: Math reasoning B, MEP 1, Spielgaben, Rightstart games

History: ancient

Science: interest based/building and designing structures

Mom made read aloud list

Pe: outside classes based on interests

Continued PT/OT/speech as needed


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Mine will be PK4ish (turning 4 past the cutoff, but only by a couple months), and nothing is definite yet, but here's what we're thinking:


Math: RSB, Mathematical Reasoning Level B, Miquon and maybe starting LoF and/or Singapore

Reading: LoE Foundations C+D

Fine Motor/Handwriting: Kumon Tracing and Maze books

Logic: Building Thinking Skills Level 1, Mind Benders, (actively looking for others)

Literature: We're going to try FIAR and/or Wee Folk Art, Poetry for Young People series

Music: Suzuki violin or piano (he wants to do both, we're trying to decide between them)

Art: Ivy Kids, Bento Box

French: conversations with me, and I'm looking to see if there is a curriculum that would fit a non-handwriter his age

German: with our babysitter/tutor

Nature class at the local nature centre



Ice Skating


We're considering a morning Montessori preschool program, both for social reasons and to work on fine motor skills.


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I have started my planning! Whew.  My husband thinks I'm crazy i think, and i was thinking i might be the only one.  I could use help with a couple of subjects actually.  I'm not sure if I will need to make a post of my own to get advice and help though. 


Here we go:


Language Arts/Writing:


1. Handwriting Without Tears

2. AAR 1

3. Bob Books

4. Usborne Readers? 




1. Djeco Chirp Chirp

2. Djeco Origami Animals

3. Usborne Fingerprint and Animal fingerprint activities

4. Kumon Cutting (he needs lots of work in this area)

5. Usborne Big Drawing Book or My Very First Art Book ?  Not sure on this one. 


And, maybe something dot 2 dot.  Im not really into art and don't plan on ever getting him super involved as long as I'm teaching him , unless he just takes an interest. he likes the fun led things for now, but hates drawing.  I don't blame him.  :/


Thinking Skills


1. Logik Street

2. Pajaggle

3. Developing The Early Learner? Again, not sure on this one. 


The top two are things from Timberdoodle, as i used it this year and that's where i know to look for stuff like this.  Any other suggestions for this category? :)




1. Rightstart 2 A

2. Mathematical Reasoning A




1. Tegu Steam


Any others ideas?  I saw a youtube video about a game that teaches young children about programming from Thinkfun. Anyone here have any experience with this? 




Well I'm pretty lost on this one.  I thought about things like Usborne Look Inside Your Body , which i feel like isn't enough alone, kiwi crates (expensive!  super interested in this though), all the way up to a program like sonlight science a.  I need suggestions!! Anyone know what that other subscription box for kids is called...traveler something? My husband suggested to look at what the public schools guidelines are for this subject, but i just don't know about that.  Also, does he need to be learning the solar system? I think i also looked at bjsu and sassafras/elemental.  Help help help! :) 




Okay...lost on this one too. Ive looked at everything from basics like what your kindergartner needs to know (listed as history on timber doodle, but covers lots of topics), to history stories for children and beginning geography, to thinking of doing nothing, to looking at sonlight for this also.  Second help, help, help!! 


Health:  Im thinking of using Horizons Health....i know that seems out of left field, but i don't really know what else is out there and its seems to cover basics and be simple to pick up and do.


Bible: Well, we go to church...or we did, but i broke my ankle in august, and we have decided to look for a new church. Since that occurred, I have been using a kids curriculum at home that they used at the church we went to.  I have to purchase another one soon though, because we only have three lessons left.  I never had a strong basis or start in church, so really I am learning along with him.  Although sometimes the lessons have went a bit long i think, he is retaining what i have taught him so i like it.  And, well we read the bible whenever he is interested, usually every night before bed.  Id like to get him a daily devotional to do with him.  I saw a couple recently... Growing With Jesus... 100 devotions and Fun Devotions for boys.  They have one for his age. I also know there is a nighttime one for young boys, but i can't remember the name.  




A few options...


1. The seven habits of happy kids. 

2.  A child's book of character building.  I like how this one is broken down so this one is probably a definite too. 

3. The children's book of virtues. 

4. A little book of manners for boys (a definite!) .  His manners aren't bad, but there are some things in this he could improve on, and i like the look of this book. 


A daily calendar he can do on his own, such as melissa and doug or other similar magnetic one.  I bought dollar things from target this year and put it on poster board, but as i don't have any where to really set it up, its completely destroyed.  I won't be doing that again next year.   


Ive enjoyed reading everyone's options for next yr and glad i am not the only one planning.  :D  I welcome feedback! 



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this will be my third time teaching kindergarten. So far I have planned:


Continue AAR, probably 3&4 (he's in the middle of level 2 right now)

Possibly RLTL. I'm about to try this out with my 8yo, if I like it I'll probably use it for him too.

HWOT or copy work



Everything else he'll tag along with the older kids.

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We just added in the RightStart Math Games.  I've been heart-broken because the book had been packed away and I couldn't find it.  


Also, I'd forgot to mention Bible is a Bible story a night.  When we finish a book, we start on another.  Right now we are on the 10 volume set with the pretty pictures that was popular in the 60's and 70's.  

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My DD will be 5 in October.


I'll have her continue both Math Mammoth 1 and Phonics Pathways, and we'll start Spalding and Beginning Geography.


She'll tag along with DS6 for history, science, and whatever else. She'll also continue gymnastics and maybe start the K program at church - though I may need to push for that since she'll miss the PS cutoff.

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This is my second K'er and I'm excited to go again! 


Reading: OPGTR + lots of good books

Handwriting: HWOT + simple copywork

Math: Singapore 1A/1B done slowly and Miquon to supplement

Memory work


Everything else is tag along with big brother, 3rd grader:  TOG year 3, Chemistry, Artistic Pursuits


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First time homeschooling - we're doing a trial year with kindergarten to kind of decide if we want to continue with it or put the kids in school. I have boy/girl twins who will turn 5 in July.


Handwriting/Phonics: Memoria Press's First Start Reading and Printing With Letter Stories. Also, How to build an A with the HWOT wooden letter pieces and upper and lower case number playdough mats from lakeshore learning. Also, delightful handwriting from simply charlotte mason for additional copywork if needed.

Math: Miquon, Education Unboxed, Singapore Math Readers, tabletop academy press playful math books, critical thinking company's thinking skills and key concepts. Inchimals.

Science: finish guesthollow's little otter's anatomy, simply charlotte mason's outdoor secrets, additional nature study resources, and a once a month homeschool class at our zoo.

History: Veritas Press's Bede's History of Me. Possibly a state study of Florida.

Geography: Confessions of a Homeschooler's Expedition Earth + Guest Hollow's Geography curriculum

Religion (Catholic): Catholic Heritage Curricula's Who Am I, Catholic Saints for Children, reading from a children's bible with scheduling from materamabilis.org, and working on virtues / good habits from simply charlotte mason's laying down the rails

+ Memoria Press Kindergarten Enrichment, Oak Meadow's Healthy Living from the Start, and reading lots of good books.

After school activities to include karate for my son, gymnastics for my daughter, and swimming lessons for both.


Yeah...when I write it out, that's a lot of stuff. :D



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dd will be 5 in March.  For her official K year, well just continue with what we're doing now.


Math:  Continue MIF 1 and miquon

Phonics:  LOE Foundations and buddy reading with big sister

Handwriting:  HWT K then 1

Science:  Let's Read ad Find Out Books with big sister

Lots of good books!

She will sit in on family read-alouds and SOTW activities with her older siblings if she is interested.

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Mine turned 5 in October, so he is on the older side. I started doing more this year with him than I had planned, but he insisted on keeping up with his brother. So this fall will be.....


Reading: continue AAR1, moving to AAR2

Handwriting: continue HWT

Math: finish RS A, moving to RS B


Joining with everyone for read alouds, SOTW, misc science and Jot it Down/BW

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My DD will be kindy next year. My plan for her is:


US history-mix of CWH and homegrown, mainly living books and Jim Weiss audio (with ods)


Science-BFSU1 with lots of living books tossed in

LA- IEW Bible Heroes (backup plan is ELTL if BH flops)

Art-ICDAT (with ods)

PE-YMCA homeschool gym (with ods)

Religion-faith formation class at our parish

Music-either Hoffman Academy w/ods (her 1st choice, but idk if she can keep up) or Making Music Praying Twice w/yds

Other-Classically Catholic Memory (just parts) and We Choose Virtues, both with ods

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I'm not quite ready to decide on anything for certain yet-


Reading- LOE A

Math- Miquon, and sort of make up my own thing- calendar, skip counting, ect.

Handwriting- McRuffy Kindergarten and homemade worksheets

Literature- read alouds w/ older siblings, and also some old favorites that she missed out on when the others were little


Science- with older siblings

History- Early American w/ older sibblings


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Who's thinking about their plans for k5? :) I am!....and I'm still thinking...



We started K a few weeks ago and we are doing:


Sonlight P4/5: Love this!!! It includes literature, science, Bible and Social Studies/culture, songs, activities.  Once again....love it.

Math: Mathsonline and Excel workbooks. Family Math and games.

Phonics: Learn to Read Write and Spell Bk 1 and 2.  Maybe 3 - we'll see.

LA: Sonlight LA1 - reading, writing, spelling etc.

French: Oldest dd is doing French with my little girls.  Taking it easy, having fun.

Art: Preschool Art

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My 2nd k student starts this fall!


Reading- will start with 100 Easy Lessons since I have it. I'm willing to try something new if this doesn't work for him.


Handwriting- StartWrite and lots of building fine motor skills/ dexterity through activities.


Math- Saxon 1 because I already have it but, again, I'm willing to switch to something else if he doesn't do well with that style.


Social Studies- library books and free activities to teach about community, basic geography, major figures in American history, the President, etc.


Science- similar method to social studies but I may get something from Guesthollow. Undecided on that.


Everything else (Bible, character development, art, music, physical activity, healthy choices, personal finance, etc.) is just part of our lifestyle with or without homeschool.

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I am unexpectedly doing K it seems. I want to keep it simple. I bought Reading lessons through literature but I have to study it, it seems complicated. I never taught my Ds for K, in fact I was working something like 100 hours a week back then so this is all new.

DS reads french to her so I've outsourced that already ;)

Singapore for math only because it is familiar.

Piano, horses and Art are the extras I guess.

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  • 2 weeks later...

This will be my daughter's first "official" year of homeschooling and I'm really excited! This is what I have planned for her so far:


Memoria Press Kindergarten Book of Crafts, Enrichment and Recitation
Logic of English, Foundations, A
Miquon, Orange
Draw Write Now, Book 1 (Just for fun...)
Lollipop Logic, Book 1 (Just for fun...)
Leading Little Ones to God (We may start this before kindergarten...)


I might add in a beginning piano book to play around with and some sign language, but am really trying to keep it simple. I plan on having calendar and yoga activities each morning too. :)

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My younger DD is in K5 this year. We continue to focus on reading - more advanced phonics, fluency and a gradual move to longer chapter books. 

Horizons K


Early spelling

Early geography (joins her sister)

Read alouds for literature, science and social sciences

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This will be my second Kindergartener! I was a little gung ho with my first and it kind of backfired so I'm planning on being a bit more relaxed this time.


Math - Maybe Horizons K, not sure yet.

Handwriting - HWT or Pentime

Reading - I have both OPGTR and Phonics Pathways so I'll use either of those, adding in Bob books and easy readers

Bible - Morning Time (includes Bible stories, hymn, catechism, Bible verse memory) as a family, church, Long Story Short devotional at night

Science - Mostly through fun read alouds or nature study. We pretty much unschool for science.

Art - Artistic Pursuits book 1 (and maybe 2) with big sister


Pretty much everything else she is going to tag along with big sister who is doing 2nd grade and with whom I'll be doing MFW Adventures. But also lots of read alouds, outside time, and she'll be on the gymnastics preteam. We've also already started a lot of this because she really wants to "do school" with her big sister and insists on learning how to read. ;)

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This will be my 2nd K'er as well!


Here's what I'm thinking:


Math: Horizons Math K/1

English: I was originally thinking LOE A & B (or however far we get) but now I'm rethinking this, as it's just so time consuming.  So I'm not sure what to do other than LOE


Along with big sister:



Noeo Chemistry 1 if he's interested

Home Art Studio K, 1 or 2


And we do Bible, scripture memory, poetry, read alouds, etc. during our morning time.

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So, for next year, I have finally decided :)


I scored a Calvert k set on eBay, so we are excited to use that for our basic main curriculum.

I will add in some extras though.


We will be using time4learning as a way for him to learn, but also be occupied so I can teach my older kids as well.


We will also add in Ivy kids, and maybe kiwi crate or History unboxed.


He will be playing soccer for PE


I can't believe my baby will be 5 soon. :'(

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This plan is tentative depending on how well we progress:

Saxon Math 1

Singapore Math 1A and 1B


Saxon Phonics K

Reading Eggs

Raz Kids

SOTW Vol. 1

Galloping the Globe

Mudpies to Magnets 1&2

How have I not seen this one? I might have to pick this up to add to the two geography curriculum I'm already using. Gaahhh!

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Ok, I'm done.

Planning on:

Reading Lessons Through Literature
Miquon and Ray's Xtra Math
Bible Study Guide For All Ages
Continuing CC Foundations Guide at our own pace

MFW Learning God's Story
SOTW I, BFSU, and Artistic Pursuits


English Lessons Through Literature

Hey Andrew

And adding Developing The Early Learner, Singing Made Easy, and Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization.

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I plan to start Kindergarten in June.  (Oldest will be 5 in Aug but we school year round so why not start early).
Math: Saxon Math K

Reading: All About Reading Level 1

Science: Big Book of Play and Find Out, and Kiwi Crate (Koala Crate for 3-yr-old)

Music (Appreciation): My First Classical Music Book

Music (Piano lesson): Can't decide if I should start this early? Taught lessons to grade school kids while I was in college but they could all read.  Not quite sure how to teach a pre-reader.  Anyone out there have some opinions on this?

Art: Meet the Masters
Writing: Jot it Down - Brave Writer

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