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My son is having surgery in the morning


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It's 11pm and I have to be back at the hospital at 5am, but I just wanted to ask for prayers for my 16yo son.


Today he broke his arm so badly that the bone came through the skin. I took him to the ER and they immediately admitted him for overnight. He's scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning first thing.


Thanks for praying.

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Oh, no!   :grouphug: and prayers! These kinds of accidents are so frightening.  You must still be shaking (mentally anyway).  Admitting him at least enabled them to properly manage his pain and start IV antibiotics while you await the surgery.  Hopefully you will post an update soon!


So... after having all these boys for all these years, does this accident now top the list as the most "dramatic"?  If not, I can't even imagine...  :svengo: I am in awe of how seemingly effortlessly you have juggled hs, tons of sports, and moving since...well, forever!


Now it's YOUR turn to remember to hydrate, eat, and rest!


Wishing you all a speedy recovery!

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Ouch! Does he at least have a good story to tell people about how it happened? (Compared to my sister, who broke her arm not to that extent as a kid, by tripping over her own feet.)

I hope you and your son are holding up well. We will pray for you, him, and the doctors today.

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