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I hate writing. WWYD?


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I really hate to teach writing.  My forte is religion & history.  I own EIW 5 and IEW SWI-A (gosh, the dvd is so long) and I can't keep make myself to get it going with my 6th grader...I can't get past the  1st page.  UGH!!!!  He just finished an asynchronous online "Elementary Sentences" with Time4Writing and this is really the only writing that gets done here.  He's suppose to start "Elementary Paragraph Writing" next and he does enjoy the asynchronous class and does well with it so why do I feel that I am short-changing him.  Any advice? TIA. :)

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Summarizing the points in your post:

- you can afford to outsource something you hate teaching

- you've found an outsourcing option that's a good fit for your family

- the online writing gets done

- DS likes it

- DS is doing well with it (i.e. learning)


What's the downside in all this???????

And why are you beating yourself up for having found what works so well???

Sounds like excellent facilitating of your DS's education to me. :)


You asked for advice; here it is: Get him signed up for the next class, and keep rolling with the momentum. ;)

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