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If you could hire a tutor, what would you farm out?

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Let's say you were hiring a college student as a tutor/babysitter two mornings a week for two hours each time. The young lady will be helping your oldest with his math and watching the youngest child at the public library. The youngest (8 year old) will be happy to sit quietly to read and work on some independent work during that time, but the tutor will have some time available to do a little bit with her too if you'd like. If so, what tasks would you love for someone else to do? 

So far I'm thinking maybe practicing math facts, running through her piano/note reading flashcards, maybe something like FLL that is scripted, getting some of the mundane things out of the way and freeing up more of my time for projects, read alouds, etc. 

What kind of things would you love to have someone else do with your 7/8/9 year old if you had this opportunity? 

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What is the college student's major?

I have 4 interviews scheduled this week. A couple are elementary ed majors with an emphasis on mathematics, one is a neuropsych/dance double major, another studies French and environmental studies. 

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Math or a science but only if the student were sure to do a better job than myself, be patient and challenge my dd at the same time. Languages are my forte so not foreign language in my case unless it were one I am unlikely to learn well enough to teach my dd, e.g, a toned character based Asian language.

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What would REMOVE the most stress from you to outsource  (grading? filing/paperwork? memorization practice/review?)

What would save YOU the most time if you outsource?  (hands-on/experiments (science)? projects (art, history, geography)? special extras (crafts, creative writing, musical instrument)?)

What do you really DISLIKE to oversee? (writing? math? science? grammar? literature? rote work/workbooks? projects/hands-on?)

What are you really WEAK at? (writing? math? science? logic? foreign language?)

What do you have NO knowledge of that you want to expose your DC to? (sewing? knitting? electronics? foreign language?)


That's how I would figure out how outsource. :)

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I've thought about doing this.


1. playing math games

2. playing other educational games

3. reading aloud

4. coordinating involved art projects

5. science experiments and demonstrations


Whenever grandparents visit I tend to suggest these activities and usually my dd and the grandparent has no idea I'm asking them to do schoolwork.  :coolgleamA:

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