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Simple algebra for adult refresher?

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My daughter is only in 7th, and not likely to reach algebra until 9th, but I would like to find an algebra book that I can work through and refresh my distant memory.  I'd prefer a textbook with an answer key that shows the solutions.  My daughter is doing CLE, but with the algebra series still reformatting (or whatever they are doing to change it), I think I should wait until she is actually there before buying.


I've looked at some of the suggestions for algebra, but most sound quite expensive.  If I knew my dd would be using it as well, I would be okay with the price, but not for just me.


Also, I'm not the least bit mathematically clever, so I need one that explains everything thoroughly and simply.  So basically, I need simple and cheap.  But still thorough.

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Lial's. They are written for adult learners at the CC level. Those students, like you, probably took algebra before but didn't get it. They have all the instruction in the text and are easy to follow. Answers to the odds are in the back, so you don't need anything but the student book unless you need fully worked solutions, for that get an solutions manual. Just grab a cheap used copy that says it has no writing in it.


Lial's Basic College Math

Lial's Algebra (Introductory Algebra)

Lial's Algebra 2 (Intermediate Algebra)


I linked to the 7th edition, because I used them and like them, but any edition you can find inexpensively works. These all have solutions manuals available if you want/need them.

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I second the Lial's recommendation. Used copies are very inexpensive.


I know nothing of the Basic College Math, but we are using Pre-Algebra (3rd edition) with my 8th grader right now. I also have Introductory Algebra. The instruction in the text is very clear and easy to understand.

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For a refresher, I *highly* recommend using ALEKS.  ALEKS was originally developed for just this situation, where an adult needs to brush up on math that they learned way back when.  It uses a test to place you in the course and then if you do problems right, you only need to do two or three before you can move on to something else.  I finished Algebra I in a week (I worked on it in all my free time) and did the same with geometry.


If you don't want to go the ALEKS route, like some of the PPs said, the Lial books are excellent.

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