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Calling all app users - Grocery List App?


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I really want one but I can't find one that has all the features I need.


What I want:


Barcode scanning- with manual input if it doesn't register so that when I am out of something I can scan it and it and it registers what I have put in.

Price -  with customizable tax rate

Pictures - where I can snap a picture of the item and upload it to the app.

Categories - so I can order the items in my list the same way I go through the store.


What I'd like -


Pantry list - so I know what I have and what I don't.


The closest I have come is "Out of Milk", but you can't upload pictures and "Our Groceries" but there is no price or pantry option.


Is there such an app?

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Out of Milk does have a price option that you fill in and you can add the items you buy to a pantry list.  It also has a to do list built in.  The only thing on your list that it won't do is take pictures.  It won't do the tax rate.  I have been pretty happy with it.


You can add a tax rate and check whether or not each item gets that tax rate.

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And now that I'm messing around with my app, it does have a Pantry.  It's a set list (that you can add or subtract from) and you can direct which store you want it to add to (and it can be changed) you can also copy items to multiple stores, and then when you check it off the list it will ask if you want to erase it from the other list too.  It's a solid app.  I've been trying to be better about putting prices in.  Oh, and there's a compare feature so that you can compare items, so I can compare a Kroger brand item, say Kroger pasta sauce, to another brand.  


I've only used the picture feature around 3 or 4 times, but it is nice.  

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