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Landry Academy Intensives

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I had Landry Academy intensives in the back of my mind for high school science labs. When I had looked previously, there were options in a major city near me for most science areas. Actually, I had multiple options in two different cities within a drive of me. Out of curiosity, I looked again last night. There are no science labs intensives in my state or even in surrounding states, though there were a few art intensives.


Are they offering far less now?

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I wonder the same thing, because the biology intensive was *beloved* by my son. When I looked for that one, there were a ton nearby, if the (say) Philadelphia one sold out, there was one 30 min away in NJ.

I cannot for the life of me find a chemistry intensive anywhere near NY, and I'm willing to drive! I think they do offer some intensives more than others.

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PP, you are not alone. There weren't ever any of the other intensives near us - like art - but you could usually find one of each of the major science ones in two of the bigger three cities within a 3-4 hour radius of my own personal middle of nowhere. That was about three years ago. Last year & this year, there have been none. Zero. I don't know why.

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