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Unlock math- Anyone have experience with it?

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Hi All, 


With permission from Clear Creek, I will share her feedback including the pros/cons of this program which her kids are currently using. Its sounds like one worth exploring further based upon her input. The vendor sounds very responsive and engaged with the students even though it is asynchronous in nature.


"Yes, my oldest (who gets math easily) is using their geometry, and my middle (who has always struggled with math) is using their pre-algebra. This is our first year using Unlock math, but I plan to stick with them long-term for all three of my children.


Pros: extremely detailed worked solutions to every single problem, the student can contact the instructor through the chat box or email at any time for help, the videos explain the concepts well, highly adaptive to the student - they can work as many problem sets as they need to grasp the concept with new problems every time, the units/lessons can be worked out of order if the student only needs to cover a few topics in a course, students can re-take exams (with all new problems) for a higher score, the parent portal is very user-friendly and allows the parent to see exactly what the student has worked on and how long they spent on it, and there is a warm up and review section in every single lesson so students can't forget previous material. Oh, and their customer service can't be beat...they strive to be friendly and helpful and give personal attention to every single customer.


Cons: expensive (although they offer a 50% sibling discount, which is awesome), there is a bit of a learning curve when figuring out how to properly input answers using their software and getting an answer incorrect because it wasn't in the proper format can be a bit frustrating, the instructor uses Canadian pronunciation (so zed instead of zee for the last letter of our alphabet), and the courses are still relatively new so there is still the potential for a mistake in a course (my oldest found a lesson that had the incorrect video; I emailed them and they had the correct video up in less than five minutes and called me as well to let me know the video was up and to give my daughter kudos for catching the mistake). "


Btw, she is from Canada. So Canadian the pronunciation was more tongue in cheek. Thanks again, Clear Creek!!!  :D  :) 

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I heard about Unlock Math here on this site (yeah for WTM forums!!!) and my friend who has two dc with CF is using it this year.  She told me the other day she is loving it (although I think there was a bit of a 'ramp up').  One of her dc emails the instructor continuously (or so it seems to the mom) and the instructor is very responsive and helpful. 

I believe one is doing pre-algebra and the other Algebra 1.

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