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xpost: Help with Spanish sequence


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(xposted from the AL board)


DS 9 is going through GSWS at a break neck pace.  He had been doing Duolingo for a couple of months before we started so maybe that was a bad idea.  I like the look of Galore Park's SYRWTLS but I'm not sure if I should get book 1 or start with book 2. 



Any advice? 


ETA:  Do I need the audio CD's?

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I don't have SYRWTLS but I am certain you would need to start on book 1, unless he got very far in Duolingo.  GSWS is extremely slow and the whole book covers what most Spanish textbooks cover in one chapter.  Also, judging from the excerpt available on the GP website, it looks like the CD is essential as it has listening exercises on it.


One thing to be aware of...since GP is from the UK, I'm assuming it is geared towards Spanish from Spain, if that matters to you.

Good luck :)

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