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Need placement tests for reading and math


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This is sorta a tutoring type question rather than homeschooling.  I did homeschool for 15 years though :-)


A close friend of mine is taking placement of a 15 year old boy for foster/adopt.  He is listed on his paperwork as "very smart" but it also lists his reading level at 1.8 and his math level as 2nd grade.  That might be a year or 2 old but from my interactions with him and her having him for several weekends we feel he is likely in the 2-4th grade level.  He is officially a 9th grader but they don't know if he has any highschool credits.  In the past 8 years he has been in 12 different school DISTRICTS (not just schools, completely different districts).  Lots of frustrating stuff to this story but the gist is, she needs to figure out about where he is this weekend before they go to the local school to register him.


I have a degree in special ed and have offered to tutor him, help her get materials, etc.  Realistically, we both know that despite him going to start in a very good school district, remediation at age 15 isn't likely to happen solely in school.  He does have ADD (not currently medicated but does need them).  He has missed so much educational opportunity but we do also have a feeling that he is likely borderline functioning IQ wise as well.


All of that to say, are there any fairly quick and easy on line type placement tests (that he could do on line or we could print out for him) that would give us a basic math and reading level score?  I have an old decoding test I can give him but not a comprehension one and nothing for math.


Chances are very good she will not have his IEP before enrolling him in school so getting some basic idea of where he is at will help her with placing him in the correct program (special ed for academics) as well as help me figure out where to start him out.


Give me your best.....easiest and cheap ideas here.

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