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How to handle chronic ill child lack of progress.

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Dd12 is having a very hard year medically. She has not been able to make much progress in school. I am unsure how to handle this. I am in Florida so I know the law is just showing progress but her progress is very minimum. For example she is doing BJU Fundamentals for math and has just finished chapter 2. She wont even make it through half the book at the pace we are going. What should I do at the end of the year? I am trying not to stress about it while dealing with her medical issues. If anyone is from Florida is there anything that can be placed in her file to help with the lack of progress. maybe something like a medical leave?? Not sure just looking for any ideas or advice. 

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Do you normally do a teacher evaluation? Are you concerned the teacher will not understand and consider your dd's progress insufficient?


You always have the option to do a psychologist evaluation instead. Or take a nationally normed test.


State law does not require that the student be at any particular level. It only dictates that the student "demonstrate educational progress at a level commensurate with her or his ability." If you normally do the teacher assessment, I would find a teacher that will take your dd's medical issues into account when determining "her ability."

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I know that in public school medical issues are taken into account with a diagnosis and various doctor information. Working at alternative schools, I saw a few of these kids each year. Their schooling careers looked vastly different than their peers in that their age was not equivolent to their grade level, but there was an entire paperwork process for such instances. It is common enough that more than likely exemptions exist.


Have you considered contacting HSLDA?

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I'm so sorry your daughter is sick. My oldest had mono a few years ago, and it was such a horrible year. Maybe you could gently plod her along through the summer, so at least she could get through more of her book. Have u thought of getting the DLO for her BJU math so she could sit and at least listen to the teacher. Then she could maybe do every other or every third problem.

Hope she starts to feel better soon.

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