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History Odyssey Modern 2/ Human Odyssey Modern?

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Has anyone subbed in the Human Odyssey for VanLoon's in History Odyssey Level 2? I find a number of threads for ancients and some for middle ages, but none for the other two.


Is it do-able, or does everyone do something else for those levels? We've never done any History Odyssey- the Modern 2 is the first one where I like the looks of the writing and most of the literature selections. We'd probably skip most of the map work.


DC really likes the Human Odyssey series.

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Guest Michelle_A

I'm using History Odyssey level 2, Middle Ages, with the Human Odyssey text and Kingfisher History spine. I've also added in SOTW and DK History of the World.  It doesn't line up exactly, so I made a spreadsheet mapping each lesson to a chapter or section of chapter in each text. It was a bit more work to set up, but only initially. I think you could use any references you choose with HO.

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