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My DH just realized that our kids were advanced...

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DH understands what the kids are doing in their classes, but we don't analyze grade level much. Our DS is very "nerdy" and a few years ago when I withdrew him from public education he was bored, in trouble, dreaded school, couldn't make friends and was very bullied. We recently had a big move (bought a home!) and we transferred DS into a local cub scout group. His old den I ran and was just him and another boy. DH took DS to the first meeting and after the kids were asleep he looked at me with awe and shock - is DS really that far ahead of the other kids his age? He seemed at least 1-2 grade levels ahead in everything and totally was the best example of social skills in the group...not to mention was amazing at making friends with all the other kids. 



At this moment, I didn't say a word but let myself bask in hard earned glory for a moment. Then I smiled and told him that our DD was a grade or two ahead of herself as well if we are talking local public school grade level.



Yes, I know DS and DD did the work and deserve the glory. But shush, I'm basking...

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