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s/o my pre- alg thread: is this the Pre Alg Solutions Manual that goes with Dolciani An Accelerated Course?

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Which edition of Dolciani's Pre-A?


 The ISBN for this listing for the 1985/88 edition does *not * match what you listed...


The ISBN you gave *does* match this 1981 edition... (Holy High Prices, Batman! :svengo: )


I really like my Teacher's Edition that has all the answers (not worked solutions), teaching schedule, and brief teaching notes for each lesson at the beginning of each chapter. The teaching notes are not an exact script for teaching the lesson, just a few paragraphs with reminders of common pitfalls, example problems, and activities to use when teaching the lesson.  I am not a natural at math, and I love this book.  :thumbup1:    I needed this book; just the student book, with answers to the odds, was not enough *for me* to be able to teach the course. 


Hope you find something that helps.

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