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In middle of FLL 3 with 4th grader, can I skipp to FLL 4?


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Is there a reason you want to skip the rest of FLL3?


You can do it with no issue, I just wondered.


I have two kids doing FLL4 when the last FLL they did was the old 1/2 combined. They did another grammar program last year, just not FLL.

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Thanks guys. Grammar has been quit the stop and switch ride for us. I won't go into the details. Long story.


Right now after reading your posts and thinking more I realize we can do several options. Skip 3 and go to 4 because I was thinking she is in 4th, and that maybe I want to fit/wanted to fit that in before grammar 5 (that I already have).


But now I'm thinking why do that? Why not just finish the rest of FLL level 3 and finish the rest of Hake 4 and skipped FLL 4 entirely.


Sigh. Thoughts either way on that bit?


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