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Silly thought-has anyone ever gone back to revisit AOPS later?


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I noticed today just how much DD's problem attacking skills have improved since she did AOPS PA, and I was half seriously thinking that maybe we should go back and do the harder challengers again (some of which we did, but some of which got skipped, especially early on when she was getting so frustrated with them), plus pick up C&P and Number theory (which we've done part of here and there, but more as a fun extra), lots of AMC/MathCounts stuff and kind of do a filling in gaps period of fun math after she finishes Geometry, before intermediate algebra, which I plan to call "Algebra 2", even though she's passed the EOC for Algebra 2.


It's especially appealing since the current plan is to start college classes in the fall, so this would be a review, but also probably still be challenging. And next year is also the last year that nothing counts officially as high school if we stick with the cover school, so for them, it will just be "Math 7" no matter what we do. Colleges don't seem to care for anything for Non-credit purposes but the test score anyway, and I'm assuming that by the time she applies to be degree seeking somewhere, she'll have more than four high school level math classes regardless.


Good idea? Bad idea? Setting myself up for frustration idea??

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My DS10 is doing that. He has finished the intro to algebra class and the intro to geometry class before Christmas so now he is doing all the questions in the book he didn't get to do while doing class homework. Then we will just do fun stuff.

I don't intend to let him start intermediate algebra until August.

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