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We are studying the end of the 1600's in our history timeline and anticipating a visit to the Philadelphia area... Our focus for this trip will be William Penn. Can you Philly-area folks tell me what would be the best bang for the buck when it comes to studying William Penn? I'm looking for field trips, museums, even outdoor (though it will be cold) activities. What would you suggest?


The ages I'm targeting are 10-13, who really like the hands-on angle. (16 year old currently taking a university American history class will be interested, but not my primary target. Six year old is just along for the ride -- I'm not concerned about what she gets out of it.)


And as a post script --

Any books you really liked in addition to those listed in SOTW's Activity Guide (Number 3 Chapter 15)?



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I grew up there and the William penn House tour was awesome but of course we had the docent led school group tour/ it's very important to do it that way otherwise you'll just be walking around the buildings and farm. The docent did all kinds of neat things with us.


Indepdendence Hall and the Liberty Bell are great - again a tour is well worth it though a walking tour is probably out due to the cold.


The Ben Franklin institute is a great science museum if you need a day indoors to really let the kids explore and get their energy out.


Can you wait till Late April or early May??? There will be so much more to do then!! Walking tours etc. if not dress very warm with extra layers, good winter coats, leather or lined gloves etc.

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