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I am looking into WriteShop for next year. I see that there is now a new edition for WriteShop 1 & 2. Has anyone used both and if so,which edition would you choose and why?


Any other thoughts or helpful tidbits would be appreciated as well.  :001_smile:

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They're actually not different editions of WriteShop I and II, just different covers/formats. We've simply stopped offering the binders mostly due to skyrocketing production costs, but also to give the books a fresh look.


From the Teacher's Manual product description: http://writeshop.com/product/teachers-manual-writeshop-i-ii/


Teacher’s Manual Has a New Look!

  • The Teacher’s Manual’s new format offers a soft cover and plastic-coil binding.
  • Sections feature sturdy tabbed divider pages.
  • The text has not changed. You will find the same 4th-edition content.
  • It is compatible with all 4th-edition WriteShop I and WriteShop II Student Workbooks.

Hope that helps! If I can answer any other questions, please let me know.

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Thank you Kim! I was originally looking at WriteShop on Rainbow Resource and they did not have this information. I came to the boards before I went to your site. (which is not usually like me to ask a question before fully researching, but I was REALLY tired that day. :blushing: )  I was able to get to your site today and find what I was looking for and then never made it back here to update my post. I also just joined your group on Facebook. Thanks for the add and thank you again for your reply here!

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