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How to watch MIT OCW course in the car?

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I feel like I should know this but can't think of how to do it.


Was anyone here successful with downloading MIT Opencourseware video lectures to view offline, e.g. on a laptop in the car for example? Or though a tablet device but without the internet? I know that their course materials can be downloaded but the one DS needs is a 20MB file WITHOUT audio or video. Before I start downloading the 20MB file to check, I was wondering if anyone knows what is included if it's not audio or video.


We will be having long commutes starting next week and watching some of the coursework in the car will help ease up his schedule.


Thanks for any pointers you can give me!



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The audio/video has to be downloaded separately.  The MIT OCW website has links to download each video file separately.  Or you can just go directly to Internet Archive and download all the videos for a course in one shot.  I think you can also find them in the iTunes U app.  


Thank you! I was poking around the Internet Archive link linked directly from the MIT OCW course page but couldn't find a download link. I'll look around more carefully today. Thanks again!


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On the Internet Archive website, there is a gray box on the right-hand side that says: Download Options.  Often, each lecture is available as different file types (mpeg4, ogg, real media, etc.).  Click on the type of file you want, and then a list of all the lectures will show up, then click on each lecture to download.  To download the entire course of lectures you'll have to do a torrent download.  I know how to do that, but not well enough to explain how  :tongue_smilie:

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